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3-10-23, Wave1....and Likely Done (Obs)


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2 hours ago, clskinsfan said:

Congrats. This is the one where your location is better than in town. Rain here. 

Eh, it didn't last very long.  Snow TV.  Oh well.  I was hoping for one last sledding opportunity with the kids at this house; doesn't look like it's in the cards.

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Might have been a mix of wet flakes and rain but it wasn't heavy enough or obvious enough to say for sure. I was really surprised to get under a couple of those yellow bands on radar this morning and all I really saw was very light rain/snow/drizzle. I figured I'd get some kind of heavyish mix or a burst of snow. Odd, but fitting.

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Pretty big bust tonight for my parents area NW of NYC. NWS had an advisory up for 3-6” earlier, but they’re at 39 degrees with rain currently. If they manage to flip, they MAY get an inch or two if they get lucky.

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