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2 hours ago, Itstrainingtime said:

I would never punt that early, though by then I'm conceding that the best time for snow (my opinion) has slipped away.

Ya that’s what I mean. It def can be very snowy afterward but if it’s mid January and winter hasn’t arrived it will “feel” like a bad season even you get a MECS in February or March. 

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2 hours ago, Superstorm said:

I was 11 years old living in NJ. First time witnessing Thundersnow.

Was my favorite storm of all time until Superstorm 93.


I was just about to chime in and say that that storm may have also been the first time I witnessed Thundersnow...and I'm 13 years older than you.  I was in my first year of Optometry school in Philly.  Boy was I excited about that storm.  I kept switching back and forth between my NOAA weather radio and Accuweather reports on KYW.  During that storm Joel Meyers even did a few live updates.  (He was one of the founders of Accuweather).  Then there was Elliot Abrams and Joe Sobel.  I'm not sure if JB came on during that storm.  At the end of the storm Philly (at the airport) officially recorded 21.3" which broke the all-time record there of 21.0".  That record was eventually eclipsed by one of the biggie storms some time after 2000.  I remember I cut all my classes on that Friday because the storm was literally the only thing I could think about.  A true and total weenie at the time.

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6 minutes ago, TimB84 said:

Not sure about PIT as the coldest location in the eastern CONUS, but I’ll take it.

Would probably limit the chance of 80's that weekend!   On another topic, the snow/no line would be very tight for the 8th system.  Only a few dozen miles would separate snow vs. 40's temps.   At my locale it would be mostly a wet system. 

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7 minutes ago, Bubbler86 said:

I just wanted to promote another Atomic smart alec post. 

Excuse me. I am not some jukebox of horrible commentary here. This isn't "Press 2c for AIDS humor," "9/11 jokes are on 8f," "canderson's wife takes it in the shitter is 11d." I'm a real person. With real feelings and real, independent thoughts. And I will not be looked at as some puppet of assholery. 

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4 minutes ago, Bubbler86 said:

its just been the last few days/week or so....you guys keep getting CAD'ed while no such luck here. 

Today was my coldest maximum temperature at 39.2 degrees.  I definitely do CAD very well here and frequently hold on longer than most to the east.  It was overcast 95% of the day with a few brief breaks during the afternoon.  Clouds were breaking up in the western sky right around sunset.  I'm down now to 33.3.  It did end up snowing more steadily after my post this morning where I thought there was one last short burst left.  After that the snow picked up in intensity (from flurries to steady light snow) but was much more grainy than flaky...lol.  It was just heavy enough to make the streets wet.

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