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  1. -2 currently and got down to -9. BGM said Elmira got down to -20.
  2. BGM Friday Night Friday night is starting to show the hallmarks of an extremely cold night under Arctic high pressure. Though model guidance is already quite low for minimum temperatures, this is a situation in which guidance typically struggles to keep up. The atmospheric column will be extremely dry, to the point that model precipitable water value values are just three to six hundredths of an inch; it simply just does not ever get lower than that around here. This along with snow on the ground should promote ideal radiational cooling, and there is concern that the bottom could really fall out for temperatures. Our forecast has large majority of the area reaching well below zero; in many cases by double digits. This already skews below most guidance, but it should be noted that there is at least a chance for some locations to hit 20 below.
  3. -4 right now in Clarks Green. Going to be a mess tomorrow night and Monday.
  4. BGM is definitely buying the warm surge leading to a mix for a significant part of this event. Every model has a big initial thump that would trigger a WSW for most of NEPA but they have not issued a watch for any of their eastern counties into NYS. At this time, the Scranton/Wilkes Barre area looks to see quite a bit of sleet mixing in Monday morning if this current track forecast comes to fruition and snowfall amounts would likely remain below warning thresholds (6" in 12 hours for PA).
  5. Down to 8 right now. See some observations down around 0 NE of me in Susquehanna County.
  6. 21 here. Crazy yesterday. First time in probably three years that we had a day with nothing but snow showers and squalls yesterday. Got 3" from the main storm and then probably 2" with everything else. Not expecting to get above freezing regardless of what the NWS says. Not my first rodeo.
  7. 23 up here with light snow. BGM has been slowly raising the totals and we should do 3-4". Wasn't expecting much but enjoy down south! Saturday night into Sunday has moved more to a snow changing to a mix up North. Finally winter!
  8. Big difference N v S today in PA. 37 up here at 12:30. Some snow tomorrow?!
  9. Got about an inch up here last night but already starting to creep towards freezing and it will be gone by this PM. Rain tomorrow and BGM not bullish on frozen next week.
  10. Didn't know what those white things falling out of the sky this AM were up here. Just enough to remind you that it can actually snow. Seriously- I have been up in NEPA for 25 years and have more white St. Patrick's Day vs Christmas Day. Seemed very likely when I first moved up here but for the past 20 years our winter weather is January through mid-April. Probably colder Easter Sundays than Christmas Days as well which is crazy.
  11. Yeah-this is going to be bad. I am in Healthcare and while Omicron might be more mild than Delta its transmission rate is so high that hospitalization becomes the primary issue. When we get this next wave in early January it is impacting a healthcare system with significant supply and clinician shortages. I have been optimistic that we were almost through this but extremely worried about our ability to handle a large wave of patients into an already taxed system. Need a distraction-like SNOW! Feels like early May up here.
  12. Damn-still 40 up here at 11:30AM. Crazy the difference in 120 miles sometimes.
  13. PA Totals from BGM on yesterdays light snow: ...PENNSYLVANIA... ...BRADFORD COUNTY... SAYRE 0.7 S 0.4 IN 0730 AM 12/09 COCORAHS 1.0 E SAYRE 0.1 IN 0700 AM 12/09 COOP ...LACKAWANNA COUNTY... VANDLING 0.1 NNE 0.8 IN 0700 AM 12/09 COCORAHS ARCHBALD 1.6 SW 0.6 IN 0748 AM 12/09 COCORAHS ...PIKE COUNTY... MILFORD 8.7 NW 0.6 IN 0700 AM 12/09 COCORAHS ...WAYNE COUNTY... CANAAN - 11 0.5 IN 0700 AM 12/09 COCORAHS
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