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Obs and nowcast Friday morning 3A-Noon Feb 5, 2021


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A challenging period of travel is possible Friday morning across northwest NJ, northeast PA and se NYS; possibly into the CT portion of our forum as multiple bands of precip sweep eastward across the region. Amounts will be light but where possibly freezing rain or sleet, untreated surfaces could be quite slippery. Additionally there will be a tendency for any rain/freezing rain to briefly change to steady snow even to just west and north of NYC with little or no accumulation there, while high terrain in nw NJ/ne PA/se NYS and w CT are modeled to pick up 1/2-2" before melting begins ~ 11 AM or Noon. mPing. This thread will help concentrate interest Friday mornings system while the other threads occupy the Sunday event and beyond. 

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Good morning, the lead band already into western New England has been mostly aloft although it should be reaching the ground there very soon.  Meanwhile, the main band in eastern PA at 630AM  is producing snow. I see mPing even has flurries  happening in the Hudson Valley.  This probably won't be a big deal for most of us except for 2 hours in nw NJ/se NYS/ne PA where a quick 1/2-2" should occur with the heavest in the high terrain.

The region NJ  immediately west and southwest of NYC (I-I195 northward) sees a period of snow/sleet or even possibly freezing rain this morning where it all ends by 10 or 11am.

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It was legitimately heavy for a little while there but it's down to moderate now, flake size went from huge to small/med and the wind is gone. There's a fresh, clean .5" covering (so far) on everything, we'll see if the lighter rates don't allow for some melting on the paved surfaces. 

edit: 5 minutes later and it's back to heavy snow with large flakes. Expectations exceeded :) 

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