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  1. The GFS on the NOAA page looks nothing like this. What am I missing?
  2. Hanging on in the sourlands but a few pingers starting.
  3. I don't agree. The reason Freehold got 10" yesterday was prolific rates of precip. It snowed there but at slower rates would have been sleet like Wilmington or my home well NW of Freehold where I got 3.5". That area of NJ around Freehold and east (Monmouth cty) gets more and heavy precip in a number of winter storm set ups. That's climo too.
  4. 3.25" down. Mostly snow with few pingers in the lulls. temp 24.
  5. 2.5" down. temp. 23. Moderate snow but still mostly fine flakes.
  6. 0.5" and 21 degrees. Light to moderate snow but mostly fine flakes.
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