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  1. Snow mixing in now, again!
  2. Where are you in the boro? I have heavy snow, all snow, and 5" down.
  3. Still snowballs here with a few pingers.
  4. Its snowing snowballs. Dual Pol shows mix line JUST to my south, holding steady.
  5. western part of hillsborough, on the sourland mtn
  6. Back to all snow, did not expect that..............
  7. Had about 4" of snow at around 4:30am. Then mostly sleet with a bit of snow. Now back to mostly snow, interesting.
  8. 4.5" down. temp 31
  9. 3.25" with moderate to heavy snow. temp 31.
  10. Light snow and 33. Grass covered.
  11. How far south does the accumulating snow get on the euro?