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  1. Should of mentioned it then, but last week we had a good frost on the golf course out back
  2. Gotta love those longer shadows. Almost has a touch of autumn this morning!
  3. Steady snow with large flakes. Sticking on lawns and bushes. 34 degrees.
  4. Steady snow with big flakes. Some sticking on lawns and bushes. 34 degrees
  5. more white rain than good solid snowflakes here. Not good at all, and I did expect more. Typical for this year around this area. I don,t really remembering it being this shitty. And if your 67 years old like me , you would know what I mean. Can't seeing things getting better in the short term.
  6. Compared to what we have seen this season, this will work for me! All hail the blind squirrel!!
  7. That Steve, would actually save the winter for me, but it must come with those posted numbers. 28 inches for me I will take!!
  8. Maybe - not saying, - but with a strong showing this year from the Artic Ice: best in 7 0r 6 years maybe we get our chances. Then all we need is some huge volcanos to erupt, and game on JK of course but the ice is going the right direction! . Maybe that will do it.
  9. Couldn't really find a thread this would apply to, and if there is please excuse me. Does he still give his great write-ups, and if he does, and I missed them, what were his thoughts going into the winter, and what we have left? Sorry again, if not the right thread but used to follow him and some other guru's when it was Eastern Weather. Thanks!
  10. Albedoman - Let's relax OK? Steve has been posting a long time and is quite educated when it comes to weather and other people will agree I'm sure. We all have our own thoughts on this fickle thing called weather, and everybodys thoughts matter. We don't want this site to go back to the way is was. Everybody has their own thoughts , and I'm sure there are great ideas to consider as possibilities. Lets hope for that1 big one guys!
  11. about 1-2 hours of sometimes decent flurry activity. (8 to 9:30) Light whitening of roofs and the edge of the road temp 31. As of now broken clouds and 34. Lets see what happens tonight!
  12. Not sure if we have a weak trough moving through, but we have had extremely light snow grains and flurries for the last 2 hours. The important word being extremely, with a temp of 35. I'm about 5 miles west of Allentown, Pa. Hope this is the right Obs section to post in. Maybe we luck out this weekend. We'll see!
  13. Listen you guys, and a no you don,t want to hear from an old fart, but I don't think the pattern looks all that bad. It ain't gonna snow every 5 days. NOT Lately. But things are good or marginal and lets see what we get . This weekend is a good example. I think guys like Steve and Paul have a pretty good watch for us : and their are others. (thank You) Things could turn when models even don't predict it. Being born in the 50"s I always said weather always has a way to average itself out. Lets hope Feb is this years month. It could definitely happen! I've seen it before when you least expect it! Trust me, I am not ready to mow grass! Thanks guys!