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2020/2021 Fall/Winter Mountain thread


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1 hour ago, Buckethead said:

Here's hoping I can get more than 3" of snow at one time this season.

Last season was weird.

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Agree.  Anecdotally it felt like it warmed up during the week with rain Friday turning to snow overnight ushering in a colder weekend with an inch or 2 of snow at the high elevations.  Never really got a storm of any substance.  

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Got some strong storms heading in soon. f0603a2a66f9081c4a20372a0bb77463.jpg&key=0f47f78e87cdc861625693315d02131c6b7c25951bf27d0551d533a53281eb7a

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Nevermind, lol. Those fell apart pretty fast. I have a passing light shower and 75°at 4400'. That's about as hot as we ever get here in July. I bet it feels awful down in the valley today. 1fb10b2060fa221a6cb59020ca909024.jpg

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6 hours ago, Met1985 said:

We got cooler but the trough out west will not reach us primarily because the NAO is not going to go negative.  For this time of the year though this is not uncommon.  The wavelengths will start to change and we will start to see some more movement in the upper levels this month.

Pattern looks to be you guessed it.. wet

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