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Bob Chill

January 12-13th Cold Smoke Obs and Nowcast

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12 minutes ago, Jebman said:

Don't bet on it. You will see it again in your lifetime, likely will be bested several times. The weather is changing. Unusual snow events will increase, both in intensity and in frequency.

I hope you’re right. Maybe we’ll get another 09’-10’ before then too!

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4 minutes ago, Deck Pic said:

This band is super legit.  Potentially the first low viz band imby. This is a pretty bad way to run a lull. 

I'm wondering about ratios. I have 3.7" and it def seems more than 10:1. Seems like models might be busting low on qpf. I've prob gotten .30 and that's through 6z. Most models had me around .20. Even the 3k. Sure feels like a reverse bust in progress...

Eta: 3k has my yard around .45 by 12z. Pretty sure I'll have more than that looking at radar. 

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We absolutely had some excellent analysis the past few days led by @Bob ChiII  @MillvilleWx @Beachinand others. 

Glad we didn’t collectively throw in the towel per usual. I knew we had a decent shot when models had the jackpot in VA about 3.5 days out... best place to be in this setup a few days out is North of the progged bullseye. Planned out just fine! 

Anyway... should be closing in on 4 in the next little while per the deck ruler. Snow is piling up under this band 

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1 hour ago, Snow36 said:

Jebman, sorry for butting in. You and your posts literally symbolize the epitome of the enthusiasm that drives half the board to be weather enthusiasts. I honestly don't think this forum [and the predecessor] would be the same without your posts. Don't trivialize them! 


I would like to suggest that folks go out at 3am with headphones on, playing your favorite music. Walk around where there are streetlights. Once you have seen huge dendrites falling by the streetlights, you will be hooked for life. Harness your enthusiasm. Help out as many ppl as you can with your shovel. Dig em out (if you want to).

Many of you have 3 inches otg already. Run very fast as you get all excited about the snow! Try to kick up plumes of pow as you run! I used to do this all the time in Dale City! You might yell Wooooooo Hooooooo a couple of times too! Fully engage with the storm! Breathe in the snow laden air deeply. SAVOR the beautiful smell of snow victory!

Savor a long leisurely snow jebwalk. Soak in the zen beauty of falling flakes of pure snow. Realize that you will see snowfall for at least another 22 hours! Sneak and walk thru other people's yards. I used to do this a lot when I was a teenager! Its really satisfying, and liberating, when you jebwalk thru snow that is not yours lmao! Don't I know it. ESPECIALLY  DRIFTS! That, is a rush!!!!!

The best snow, is stolen snow lol!

Shovel the snow whenever you like, but what I'd like to suggest, is blast your headphones while you dig snow. You want the songs you listen to to remind you of snow forever. Carefully shovel every. last. flake. off of your driveway, walk and road, and pile it all up extremely high. Show off your inner snow weenie! Feel free to obsess about the snowpack! Try to pile the snow to the north of sun blocking objects such as a car left parked all the time, an old camper, your house, a wood fence, anything that blocks that HATED sun! You want to preserve your snow as long as possible. You want to fly your freak flag, in the form of ridiculously tall and bulky snow piles that effectively advertise to all the world, that you are a snow enthusiast!

Pile them as high as you can. Wetter snows pile very high easily. Drier snows will have to have very wide bases. The point is, you want to pile as much snow as possible, to try and keep it as long as you can until the next snowstorm! You want to have snow to look at and to inspire your inner snow weenie every day when you get up and look outside! Pile that snow up! Enjoy immensely and to the max, every shovelful of snow! Pile the snow from your driveways, walkways, from the top of your cars, and the road. You have not truly paid homage to the Snow Gods and to snow itself, until you have cleared part of your ROAD and lovingly piled that snow up in your yard like the Legendary Midlo. (thats the living legend who uses snow generators to pile snow on his lawn).

Pray for snow. Wish for snow. Talk to all of your friends about snow. You ARE a snow expert. Text your friends and give em the 'ole update. Show the world at large your enthusiasm for winter storms. Make snow videos. Go out like BNVN1/Storm Chasing in your car, get videos of big snowstorms!!! Like this video for example, he has many, he even covered Hurricane Michael too!


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