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1 hour ago, bowtie` said:

Only five times in a hundred plus years but once each of the last two years? That is insane.

I know.  So the return intervals are 20 years, 75 years, 46 years, and 1 year.  Great example of how events occur independently without regard for how many years have gone by.

That 1895 case is really ridiculous with multiple 40+ degree swings.

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Interesting stats for chicago. Detroit had it too (44-77-47). Will have to see if I can figure it out how rare that is here. 

It's not surprising though. Since November our weather has been the TEXTBOOK definition of roller coaster, there is no way to dispute that, so now that we are in spring when it's usually a roller coaster anyway, the roller coaster is getting more extreme. 

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Day after day of low 30's, clouds, fog, freezing rain, drizzle.  Ready to turn the page into April.  Took this this morning, many roads here in the higher elevations in my area still snow/ice covered with 12-15" on the ground. On average, another 20" of snow could fall. I'd love to see a warm/wet Spring!


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