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  1. Ohio’s numbers have looked “better” than last week, trending between 6400-7800/day. But DeWine confirmed today that ~12k cases, since Monday, are being double checked. And most of them are likely positive. So some backdating or a bulk upload will increase Ohio’s number dramatically.
  2. Record day in Ohio: 3,509. Prior high was last Saturday ~2,600.
  3. ILN has the Frost/Freeze program up for most of the CWA. Coldest temperature so far this season: -CMH: 33 on 10/17 -CVG: 34 on 10/17 -DAY: 35 on 10/16
  4. I mean, he's not wrong. We know geography is not in our favor, but we'll still whine and complain when the rug gets swept out from under us 72 hours out.
  5. Just a few miles makes a huge difference, as always, but heavy rain has skirted around MBY all summer. August Month to Date: -MBY: 1.46" -CMH: 3.32" (~6-7 miles as the crow flies)
  6. Ohio had its largest single day in reported cases since the pandemic began: 1,525.
  7. CMH eeked out 90 before storms moved into Central Ohio to make it 12 days in a row. Streak should end tomorrow, but it’ll be close. 90, 91, 91, 92, 93, 94, 96, 97, 97, 92, 94, & 90
  8. 97 for the 2nd consecutive day at CMH.
  9. 97 at CMH today, impressive. Today makes 8 consecutive 90+ going back to June 29th; 90, 91, 91, 92, 93, 94, 96, & 97.
  10. 96F at CMH today. Hottest since 97F on 8/31/12.
  11. You know it’s a bad winter when ILN doesn’t even issue a Warning for the lower criteria counties south of I-70
  12. 0.8” at CMH, couldn’t even squeeze out an even inch
  13. 6.8" on 2/21/2015 was the last 6"+ event (including 2 day totals) for CMH. Franklin County/CMH has only been under 1 Winter Storm Warning since the winter of 2014-15 and that event (1/19-1-20/2019) busted big.
  14. Welp, yeah sorry fellas. Looked decent for a split second, but a stronger system on Wednesday ruins any chance for the OV on Thursday/Friday.
  15. Might we finally have a trackable event later this week??