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  1. Great call Hoosier. Lots of 60+ MPH gusts reported overnight with some 70+ sprinkled in too. It was so loud, the house was rattling and woke me up. ILN reacted late with an Advisory and then a Warning a few hours ago. ~100K without power across Ohio. Mine went out 1x overnight but was back on within no time.
  2. I wasn’t in Columbus, but I couldn’t have imagined tracking and forecasting this storm, let alone having to deal with all the ice across Franklin County. Crazy gradients.
  3. The weakening and slowing trend for Monday’s storm is a good sign for most of Ohio, especially us along I-70. It allows us to cash in on a few inches of snow on the front end before warming up to rain for a bit.
  4. Totally OT here, but I leave for my honeymoon trip to New Zealand on Sunday. Spending 6 days on the South Island, driving from Queenstown to Wanaka to Lake Tekapo to Christchurch. Taking a flight to Rotorua. Spending 4 days on the North Island, driving from Rotorua to Tauranga to Auckland. And then finishing up with 4 days in Fiji. I would love to hear both of your travel plans!
  5. March 2008 is an all-timer for CMH: 20.5". (5" on 3/7 and 15.5" on 3/8) A post of mine regarding this storm from the "Top 5 Winter Storms" thread last winter:
  6. 90/93/93/93 the last 4 days for CMH, which is 26 for the year. Not too bad for mid-September.
  7. Overachieved with 64F at CMH today. Mostly sunny skies after some morning showers made for a great afternoon. Should easily break 70 tomorrow, would be the first time since October 11th.
  8. Moderate to heavy sleet/freezing rain band just rolled through here. Got caught out walking the dog and the sleet wasn’t the typical pellet form, but rather chunks of ice. It actually stung lol. Temps are hovering right at 31/32 so we’ll see if it rises and changes to plain rain. There is some dripping off elevates surfaces, but I blame the heavy rate equally as the temps.
  9. Good chance this little clipper will be CMH's biggest storm "officially". Not hard to top as the airport reported 4.0" for the 1/12 storm and 3.6" with the 1/19-1/20 "bust". Ratios will be on the upper end, as mentioned before, with the deep cold air and I-70 looks to be in the best position. I don't think this has been really mentioned much with all the talk around the cold, so likely many people will be surprised tomorrow morning.
  10. CMH currently is -2 which is the low so far. Didn’t approach -7 like forecasted. However, the OSU airport bottomed out at -3, Bolton Field at -6, and Rickenbacker at -7.
  11. That is likely true, wind chills are definitely colder now than early January 2018. Those nights were radiational cooling nights after we had a clipper drop a few inches of snow right before New Years.
  12. We did. At least here in the city. 1/2 and 1/3 last year were -3 and -4. So far today we’re -4 and that was at noon. It’s actually risen 5 degrees since. As jb mentioned, we might have trouble dropping much to reach the -7/-8 forecasted here in the city. Haven’t been able to check local obs or any upper air soundings to make a true forecast.
  13. Stronger and further displaced High in southern Canada pushing the Mon-Tues clipper closer to us on the GFS. Similar to the Euro, but stronger.
  14. I’d estimate 5” here, which isn’t bad considering it snowed for a 5-6 hour window. The wind was pretty spectacular, had a few drifts of 2-2.5’ next to my garage which is a decent size for being in the city.
  15. Crazy winds, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen winds like this with falling snow. Been snowing for 3 hours and there’s probably 2” on the ground? Hard to tell with the wind and I’m eyeballing from inside.