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  1. Pleasantly surprised just south of downtown Columbus, especially since I was calling for a heavy dusting and nothing more. Heavier bands set up south of I-70 for most of the afternoon instead of north as anticipated. Measured 1.5” IMBY.
  2. March 7-8, 2008. Hard to pick just one image, so I picked the initial radar image of when flakes were flying in Columbus. ~30 hours of snowfall piling up to 20.5" which is an all-time record for CMH. The model tracking in the days leading up to the storm were stressful I recall. Initially, it looked to hit the interior Appalachians, then shifted quite a bit west to miss Central Ohio. 24 hours prior, models narrowed in on a track up the spine of the Apps (obviously the best track for CMH), but then most were hesitant to believe the totals being modeled. 6-10" was the initial call and then adjusted to 10-15" as the storm began.
  3. And the map as backup...
  4. I knew it had been some time, but ILN tweeted that it's been 661 days since they've issued a Winter Storm Warning for their CWA. 661 days ago is February 9, 2016.
  5. This looks familar; Pat's Foods on 6th St? Visited family in Calumet this past summer for the first time in ~20 years. Beautiful country, obviously, but especially in the summer and winters. One day I will experience some winter days up there.
  6. 71 yesterday, snow today.
  7. Another strong cold front moving through. It's a beautiful day here, tagged 70 at CMH. Looking west, it's in the upper 30s near Indianapolis.
  8. It definitely doesn't feel like October outside. Between the storms late Saturday and rain from Nate yesterday/early this morning, I picked up 2.15" IMBY. Temps have been rising overnight and its terribly muggy outside. 71/71 at 6am.
  9. Pickup up .95" so far at CMH today. Hasn't rained in many days since mid-late July (8.55" mostly between 7/10 and 7/23), but it's rained a lot when it does. 2.14" for August (-1.18" from average) 9/1 - 9/14: 2.58" 9/15 - 10/4: 0.00" 10/5: 0.95" and counting.
  10. Streak ends at 21 days as it currently raining. And we surprisingly topped out at 86 yesterday before clouds moved in.
  11. Today is 21 days in a row without rain at CMH. There were light showers headed this way, but they dissipated. Moderate showers around Mansfield and Cincinnati should stay away.
  12. CMH rose from 48 to 79 yesterday. Already 3 degrees of this time yesterday (with clouds) and there isn't a cloud in the sky today. HRRR tops out at 83, sadly well short of the 1953 record of 89F. Records don't drop back into the low-80s until 10/17 actually.
  13. Didn't notice any darkness or cover from the smoke during the day yesterday, but after the storms rolled through here overnight, there is a heavy and strong smoke smell outside this morning. I don't recall such a strong odor from smoke/wildfires before around here.
  14. After seeing pictures and videos from the path, I'm ready. I was 8 when the annular eclipse passed over the GLs in May 1994, but it wasn't too big of a deal that I remember. And I thought Monday's 90% totality over Columbus would be sufficient, but it was cloudy, not really noticeable, and practically a dud. However, I'm already prepping for 4/8/2024. Columbus is just outside the path of totality (~97-98%), but I'm already aiming for a trip up to Ada, Ohio. It's a quick drive 90 minutes NW of Columbus and it's on mainly rural roads. I'm thinking it should be a fairly easy drive as a lot of people will be using I-70 and I-75 from outside Ohio to get into the path.
  15. August or October? This is awful for August.