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  1. The sharp rain gradient is evident in IN/OH too. Dayton measured a record 2.68" yesterday, yet CMH received 0.00". Even going back to Monday, very scattered storms missed CMH. Only 0.04" has been recorded since Monday and 1.03" for the month, which 0.99" came late 6/4 and early 6/5. So it's starting to dry up a bit around here too even though we're up 2.21" for the year.
  2. Beautiful pictures as always. I haven't paid as close attention, but the last picture I saw you post was back in May and everything was bare. Now it's full bloom. I'll be up your way, actually WilH's way, in a few weeks as I'm visiting family in the Kewweenaw. More specifically in Calumet and the Lake Linden areas. It's been about 20 years since I've visited, it's been a long time coming, so I'm looking forward to it! I remember the weather during my last visit quite well; it was mid-July and we were wearing jeans and hoodies. I remember the 930/10pm sunsets and being thrown off that it was still light that close to 10pm.
  3. May ends up +0.5 for CMH. After bottoming out at 35F on 5/8 and maxing out at 88F on 5/17, the final half of the month was fairly close to average which slowly nudged the average to the positive side.
  4. Quite the front draped just north of I-70 apparently. Didn't know there was such a strong gradient across the sub. 84/66 for the day with lots of rain in a few rounds of storms. 1.71" since midnight.
  5. GFS, Euro, and related ensembles showing no reprieve through all of next week for most of the sub. Western areas of the sub will definitely fare better than the Lakes and Eastern areas.
  6. 85 at CMH, hit 86 IMBY. Surprisingly didn't realize the gradient across the region until watching the local news. The past 30+ days (since the mid-March cooldown) have been very warm here. Only 4 days in early April had negative departures, and even those weren't that cool. +6.5F for the month.
  7. It took until yesterday, but March will (barely) end up warmer than February for CMH: February: 51.8/32.6 -- 42.2 (+9.4) March: 51.9/33.8 -- 42.8 (+1.0)
  8. Pretty distinct warm front draped/stuck across the sub, especially Ohio. Started the day at 49/33, currently 74/54 IMBY. Dare I say, almost too sticky? Just not used to it yet.
  9. CMH picked up 1.2" over a 5 day span (3/13-3/17) bringing the 2016-17 total to 9.3", which is still 8th least all-time. Barring a huge cold snap and perfect setup, I don't see anymore snowfall for the season. 1.) 1918-19: 3.2" 2.) 1878-79: 4.3" 3.) 1941-42: 4.9" 4.) 1931-32: 5.3" 5.) 1949-50: 6.5" 6.) 1996-97: 7.7" 7.) 1934-35: 8.0" 2016-17: 9.3" 8.) 2001-02: 10.1" 9.) 1896-97: 10.3" 1997-98: 10.3"
  10. First above average temp day at CMH since March 9th; a stretch of 11 days which is the longest below average period since mid-May 2016.
  11. My parents measured 4" in the western Youngstown area, but it sounds like it was very hit/miss around the area. Further south and east of the city picked up only 1".
  12. Maxed out at 42F IMBY today, actually didn't feel too bad. Currently 31F and it's been lightly snowing small flakes for about 90 minutes. Not sticking to concrete or pavement but there is a light dusting on the grass.
  13. I think you have your months/seasons backwards or I wasn't clear with my dates. The Blizzard of 1996 was in January and I have 24.5" for January '96 monthly total. I have 54.1" for the whole season November 1995 to April 1996.
  14. With today's snow chances plummeting for CMH, I decided to pull historical figures to see where 2016-17 will stand for snow. Currently at 8.1" for the season. 1-2" is in the forecast, but that is likely to bust. This season would stand a 8th least snowfall if it were to end today. Looks like we have a good chance to finish in the Top 10. Here is the list: 1.) 1918-19: 3.2" 2.) 1878-79: 4.3" 3.) 1941-42: 4.9" 4.) 1931-32: 5.3" 5.) 1949-50: 6.5" 6.) 1996-97: 7.7" 7.) 1934-35: 8.0" 2016-17: 8.1" 8.) 2001-02: 10.1" 9.) 1896-97: 10.3" 1997-98: 10.3"
  15. In a way, I'm glad this will be the case; it can capture the true futility of this winter. There is no doubt that '16-'17 is worse than '15-'16, which most people, including myself, said couldn't be/likely wasn't possible. No doubt last year was bad, but we managed to nickel and dime to the max to hit 17.1" at CMH, which will double this year's total.