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  1. August or October? This is awful for August.
  2. It's been a wet July and 2017 for Columbus...
  3. Oh no, I didn't intend that it would be. Was just posting the 5pm daily climate update and went off that. Ended up with 3.11" which is good for #10 all time.
  4. Some nice oddities for today. High of 80 at 1am and low of 71 at 11am. This is very January-esque with a Cutter. and I thought CMH would break the daily rainfall record, but today's record of 5.13" in 1992 is the all time daily record. That won't be broken for ages.
  5. CMH up to 2.82" for the day. 2.54" IMBY.
  6. The Columbus Metro has been inundated all morning... 2.42" officially at the airport through 1pm (all falling since 7:30am) and some parts further east have seen over 4".
  7. Another Major crest for the Blanchard River. Highest in 4 years, though this seems like a annual occurrence now.
  8. And just like that, 76F at the last obs.
  9. CMH flirting with record max low temperatures for 7/13. An impressive 78/74 currently which appears to be the low so far. Record max min for the day is 77 in 1936. However, the good chance for storms later are likely to drop temps below the record.
  10. The sharp rain gradient is evident in IN/OH too. Dayton measured a record 2.68" yesterday, yet CMH received 0.00". Even going back to Monday, very scattered storms missed CMH. Only 0.04" has been recorded since Monday and 1.03" for the month, which 0.99" came late 6/4 and early 6/5. So it's starting to dry up a bit around here too even though we're up 2.21" for the year.
  11. Beautiful pictures as always. I haven't paid as close attention, but the last picture I saw you post was back in May and everything was bare. Now it's full bloom. I'll be up your way, actually WilH's way, in a few weeks as I'm visiting family in the Kewweenaw. More specifically in Calumet and the Lake Linden areas. It's been about 20 years since I've visited, it's been a long time coming, so I'm looking forward to it! I remember the weather during my last visit quite well; it was mid-July and we were wearing jeans and hoodies. I remember the 930/10pm sunsets and being thrown off that it was still light that close to 10pm.
  12. May ends up +0.5 for CMH. After bottoming out at 35F on 5/8 and maxing out at 88F on 5/17, the final half of the month was fairly close to average which slowly nudged the average to the positive side.
  13. Quite the front draped just north of I-70 apparently. Didn't know there was such a strong gradient across the sub. 84/66 for the day with lots of rain in a few rounds of storms. 1.71" since midnight.
  14. GFS, Euro, and related ensembles showing no reprieve through all of next week for most of the sub. Western areas of the sub will definitely fare better than the Lakes and Eastern areas.
  15. 85 at CMH, hit 86 IMBY. Surprisingly didn't realize the gradient across the region until watching the local news. The past 30+ days (since the mid-March cooldown) have been very warm here. Only 4 days in early April had negative departures, and even those weren't that cool. +6.5F for the month.