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  1. Yep, we're already 10" behind last year and going to be 13-14" behind the to date average by time the next chance for some arrives. Unless we get a March 2008 repeat, I don't see it happening.
  2. I know living up by the lake causes pretty significant differences in weather, but it's been a pretty stark difference the past few days between Central/NE Ohio. I talked to my parents in Youngstown yesterday and they mentioned how it had been snowing for a while and they were stuck in the mid-20s. Meanwhile, we had bright, sunny, clear blue skies and temps in the low 40s. This morning, I saw a lot of places dropped down into the mid-teens (some even in the single digits), and we only bottomed out in the low-mid 30s just before sunrise.
  3. I wish we could see a county by county breakdown of this. Pretty sure we (Franklin Co.) have to go back 2 years to see our last WS Warning... 2/28/15-3/1/15. If that was only an Advisory, then for sure the storm the week before, 2/21/15 had a Warning.
  4. Blended grade for me of C. I'm a winter weather lover, but I would prefer the climate of Denver or maybe even the east coast; give me snow or give me torch. So I have actually enjoyed this winter down here. I typically train year-round for half/full marathons, and this warmer weather has gotten me outside more to run and it's been fantastic. 9 days above 60F so far, with many more to come. Temperatures = B+. As far as snow goes, it's been as bad as I've seen it. I don't recall the stats of 2005-2006, but this should be right up there. IMBY has 7.0" for the season, John Glenn Int'l has 7.6" for the season. To date average is 18.2" so we're 35-40% of normal and ~2" behind last year with no snow in sight. Hard to get the big storms here, but I'd at least be satisfied with a 6" storm. Snowfall = F
  5. These next 7 days is when 2016-2017 will pass 2015-2016 in terms of futility for Columbus. To date, 2015-16 tallied 6.8" of snow. By 2/16/16, CMH recorded 13.2" for the season. To date, 2016-17 tallied 7.6" of snow. By 2/16/17, CMH will remain at 7.6".
  6. .4" so far IMBY. Took longer than expected to fluff up and accumulate, but as expected it's only on cars and grass. Streets and sidewalks just wet. Probably be able to squeeze out another tenth or 2. This will bring the seasonal total IMBY to just under 7.0".
  7. No rain, but the snow is so light it's barely noticeable. You have to look into the street lights to see the flakes.
  8. HRRR is painting Champaign/Urbana to north of Indy and up to Lima, OH as the "winners" of this system. For Columbus, temperatures will be in the 40s all day and don't drop below freezing until most of the precip is out of here. I suspect we'll start off as rain and switch to a sloppy 1" of snow that should only stick to grassy and elevated surfaces. I'd rather get nothing than get teased from the west, north, and east. Whatever falls will be gone by Saturday since we'll jump back into the 60s.
  9. This is quite comical; donut hole right over Columbus.
  10. Amazing what a snowpack can do, 52 at Toledo and 57 at Fort Wayne today.
  11. Models are starting to converge on snow flying in some of the snow-starved areas south of I-80, but the timing during the day and slow crashing temperatures might inhibit nice accumulations before it starts to strengthen as it slides off the Mid-Atl coast.
  12. I'll help pitch in.
  13. Snow globe days like today are very deceiving to to the seasonal snow total. 0.6" recorded so far today at CMH, yet a snow depth of 0 (yes due to less than 1") with nothing on the ground. Heavy mood flakes all day but the roads aren't even wet.
  14. CMH for the season sits at 6.3", which is -7.6" behind the seasonal to date average of 13.9". Or 45%. Measurable snow on 7 days this season with a measurable snowpack for a whopping 5 days. 12/09 - 0.4" 12/10 - 0.1" 12/11 - 1.1" 12/13 - 3.2" 12/19 - 0.4" 12/30 - 0.2" 01/05 - 0.9" Season to date, 2016/2017 is on par with 2015/2016 in terms of futility for Central Ohio.