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  1. osubrett2

    Let's Talk Winter!!

    I interned at 10TV in the summer of 2007 and working with him was a blast. On top of shadowing him and getting the insights to broadcast meteorology, I got to geek out with him over the severe storms that summer and enjoy the little things of meteorology. Heaven has definitely gained a hardcore snow weenie. RIP Chris.
  2. osubrett2

    November 2018 General Discussion

    Sharp cutoff as imaged on your prior post. 39F and pouring rain 80-90 miles to your E/ESE.
  3. osubrett2

    November 15-16 Storm Potential

    Moderate freezing rain in Central Ohio. A decent accretion (~.20") on trees and elevated surfaces, but roads in the city were fine. Temperature hovered between 31-32F all night and has started to rise. While walking into work, the ice on trees was starting to melt.
  4. osubrett2

    List your top 5 winter storms

    Only 1 worthy of me going into great detail on; March 7-8, 2008. Radar Loop It was my senior year at OSU, the end of Winter Quarter right before Spring Break. IIRC, models weren’t picking up on the storm until ~4 days out, which feels short-term today. I remember comparing the GFS vs. the NAM ad nauseum. The NAM solutions were typical clown maps and the GFS was it’s usual conservative self. With gulf lows, Central Ohio is always victim to the warm sector, but models never budged, keeping us all frozen/snow. Once my meteorology professors showed optimism, I was all in. ILN stayed rather conservative with a 8-12” forecast. They upped it to 12-15” with the blizzard warning the morning of. (The last blizzard warning for Franklin County). Snow started around 10am and by 4-5pm, ~5-6” fell before a few hour break. I regret not staying awak for the overnight show. Woke up Saturday morning to the most snow I’ve ever seen on the ground and in 1 storm; 20.5”. Honorable Mention: 2. Blizzard of 93. Youngstown/Extreme Eastern Ohio got the worst of the storm in Ohio. I was 7, but remember watching ~10” fall and more vividly, 3-4’ drifts across the front yard. 3. Presidents Day 2003 10-12” in Youngstown 4. January 10, 2009. 11” in Youngstown as I traveled to visit family just for the storm. 5. February 5-6, 2010. About 8-10” in Columbus, but I was in Youngstown again visiting family and they received ~16”. Thats about it. No other storm during my time in Columbus was a true “wow” storm. Missed out on the December 2004 storm and Youngstown was all rain for that one. One of the GroundHog Day storms was a big ice storm for Columbus, but that was awful being without power for 36 hours. The other GHD storm and a lot of others were messy mixed bags of blahness.
  5. osubrett2

    October 2018 General Discussion

    Didn't think it was going to happen, as clouds hung around, but a late rally down to 36 brought our first light frost.
  6. osubrett2

    October 2018 General Discussion

    CMH stats from ILN: -Today (and tomorrow) will be day #127 (and #128) of the year with a high temperature of at least 80F. Old record was 126 days in 2007. -Yesterday was day #96 of the year with a low temperature of 65F or above. Today will likely be #97. Old record was 80 days in 1881.
  7. osubrett2

    Fall foliage thread - 2018

    No color showing anywhere in Central Ohio. With 6.57" of rain in September and +4.9F on the month (only 1 night in the 40s to-date seasonally), I'm not surprised. The next 7 days won't progress the change much either.
  8. osubrett2

    July 2018 General Discussion

    CMH 8am obs, 75/71; currently, 73/56. Can't wait to open the windows tonight!
  9. osubrett2

    July 2018 General Discussion

    CMH ends up with 6 90F days in a row between 6/30 and 7/5 (92, 94, 91, 92, 93, & 94) which makes 10 for the year.
  10. osubrett2

    July 2018 General Discussion

    Franklin Co. (Columbus) is included.
  11. osubrett2

    June 2018 General Discussion

    1.63” at CMH and 2.00” on the dot here.
  12. osubrett2

    June 2018 General Discussion

    1.2” at CMH and 1.59” IMBY so far today with more to come. Will like pass 2.00” here.
  13. osubrett2

    Houghton area flooding

    My great-uncle lives 1 mile upstream from this gauge on the Trap Rock River north of Lake Linden. The rise of ~5' doesn't appear dramatic, but the record is only 2' greater and the immediate valley is extremely flat compared to the surrounding hills. The drop from Calumet to his house is just shy of 600'. Going to see if I can follow-up with him tonight to see what's going on.
  14. osubrett2

    June 2018 General Discussion

    I visited family in the UP last summer, late June and early July, and it’s a surreal feeling watching those late sunsets over Lake Superior. They are in the Keweenaw (Calumet, Ahmeek, Copper City) so it’s the extreme western edge of the Eastern Time Zone and the sunset was 9:54 or 9:55. There was plenty of twilight until 11pm too, so much so that local 4th of July fireworks didn’t start until 11pm. Caught this sunset off the Bumbletown hill and the time stamp is 9:55pm.
  15. osubrett2

    June 2018 General Discussion

    So far only 68F at CMH. We’ll see if we can squeeze out 69 or 70. If not, we haven’t seen this cool of a day since 4/29.