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  1. It's not snowing here. It's 30, the wind is picking up, and a light drizzle is falling. It's not freezing yet.
  2. I guess with all the recent variability, I prefer my spot of low expectations with the arrow pointing up, as opposed to expecting a heavy snow scenario, albeit with high bust potential. Those are the worst when it busts. I'll just watch the trends, and hope that the cold air finds its way into far NWI while moisture is aplenty.
  3. As best I can tell, it's not freezing to pavement yet. Just walked outside, but not away from house. Could the wind have anything to do with it?
  4. Sleet/rain here. The rain is not freezing to surfaces yet.
  5. And the winner is...………………..?????????????????
  6. Currently -11 here. A veritable banana republic.
  7. Hottest topic in the -18 here. The sun is out. Furnace is working overtime.
  8. Walked the dog at six. Snowing hard. Probably three inches on the ground now. Winds are howling. I'll try to measure as I walk out the door for work. Best snowfall of the season.
  9. Tuesday low -4 Wednesday high -14 Wednesday low -31
  10. My location to Evanston. Twenty-five as the seagull flies, and three inches of snow.
  11. Hoosier, any data on the records for Gary? I distinctly recall the cold events of 1985 and 1996. The 2019 edition could take the cake.
  12. Zero here in East Chicago. Amazing what a relatively small amount of distance coupled with less snowfall can do.
  13. A general question here. Based on what the models indicate, what's the most moderation we can see? Would it be incredibly surprising if Chicago has a temperature above zero next Wednesday and Thursday?