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Southern MD / Lower Eastern Shore weather discussion


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12 minutes ago, twim19 said:

Yeah, yesterday when the WSW was issued, it was for 5-10.  Before I went to bed it was 6-11.  Now it's 6-12.  Alex Seymore is pretty bullish too, so I'm game.  

Off topic: Your signature cracks me up.  I've been lurking in weather forums for about a decade now (How I miss the Accuweather forums) and you are spot on.  

I miss Accuweather forums too- I used to post there for years before joining here. There were some smart people on there, I wonder where they are now.

Blizzard warnings for some of you I see! 

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42 minutes ago, csnavywx said:

Congrats to everyone on the eastern shore! Big winners on that one -- even higher totals than I thought!

The coastal deformation zone merged nicely with the pre-event frontogen band and really delivered. Overperformed expectations here too, ended up slightly above 5", more than expected.

ok,  what's next lol

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1 hour ago, Prestige Worldwide said:

Everyone upset about about the latest GFS in the main thread. - rain instead of snow this coming Friday or so.  We’ve been rain the whole time- but the cold is coming and so will our snow.  Gonna be an interesting Christmas week I think 

during the ice age it prolly rained from future Salisbury south. hope your right my friend!

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32 minutes ago, Its a Breeze said:


We have the very real potential of accumulating snow in the SHORT term. This'll be the thread for another potential win for the S&E folks this week, since...no one else cares :)

Let's do this! I'm measuring flurries if I have to.

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