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  1. If you believe averaged or adjusted worldwide figures seemingly made to order, yes.
  2. Agreed. And their chosen remedy of a tax on affluent countries makes me suspicious of their agenda. Shake of the tin cup?
  3. Any suggestions on what to replace Wunderground with? It really stinks.
  4. No more listing of the year of records. Is there any site that has information they used to have?
  5. They've eliminated posting of years of historical records. Any suggestions to alternatives?
  6. JBG

    Memory Lane

    December 26-27, 2010 and April 7-8, 1982. Hands down.
  7. I was wondering the same thing. Also, when I request "history" for a location the link to it is frequently broken.
  8. Yesterday broke the string. When next, January 15, 2018 I'm guessing.
  9. Thanks so much. I sort of figured it out. But why would smart people spend so much energy wrecking a great site?