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E PA/NJ/DE Spring 2023 OBS Thread


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  • Hurricane Agnes changed the title to E PA/NJ/DE Spring 2023 OBS Thread
43 minutes ago, Hurricane Agnes said:

Crush job! (looks like some kind of double-low/Miller B setup)



Since this is most likely our last chance to fail this season, let's go out in style!

Start the thread now, radio show, dust off the shovels and gas up the snowblowers, buy a snowblower, buy a second if you already have one, brine the roads, buy your bread milk and eggs, have Cantore begin broadcasts from the steps of the Art Museum, CRAS updates from Ralph. If we're gunna fail, let's do so spectacularly!!

Heavy frost this morning, 27F.


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Mild day to start March we may see some wintry weather before a change to rain on Friday PM. Well the winter months of December-January-February finished warm as we all know - avg. temp was 37.7 degrees. In fact it was the 3rd warmest on record behind only 1932 (39.5) and 2016 (37.8 ) Jan-Feb was the 2nd warmest first 2 months of the year at 39.3 again behind only 1932. February was the 4th warmest in Chester County history at 39.1 behind only 2017 (41.3) 1909 and 2018. Precipitation wise is was the 10th driest February with only 1.42" of water equivalent the driest being the scant 0.73" that fell back in 2002. Snow wise with only 0.5" of snow for the month this was the 11th least snowy February on record with 9 years recording no snow at all during what is our snowiest average month of the year.
Records for today: High 72 (1972) / Low 5 (1980) / Rain 1.45" (1954) / Snow 9.5" (1952)
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Today may be the warmest day through at least March 20th. Today we should see temps well into the 50's. Normal temps for the 1st week of March are in the mid to upper 40's across the County. We should see some much needed rain come Friday into Friday night with over an inch of rain possible. Through yesterday we are over 2 inches below normal in water equivalent precipitation this year...much of course due to our snow drought. We should see well below normal temperatures return by the middle of next week and may last for at least 10 days with even some snow chances before the end of the month. March has had some of our largest snowstorms in Chester County especially across the more elevated terrain as I will show later in a detail of some memorable late season snowstorms.
Records for today: High 75 (1972) / Low 8 (1950) / Precipitation 1.18" (1994) / Snow 10.0" (1914)
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WPC DY1 has the area blocked off for possible flood risks -


SPC DY2 has us penciled in for poss. thunderstorms - 


After the fog and drizzle and mist ended (no measurable precip) had some sun before it eventually clouded up again.   Temp did make it up to 57 for a high after a low of 41.

Currently overcast and 56 with dp 33.

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While March is the month that Spring begins it still brings wintry weather. While we only average about 6" of snow here in Chester County during March, we have had some of the largest storms we have ever experienced during this month. Below is the top 25 storms as recorded at Coatesville. You will note the March 18-20, 1958 storm is at the top of the list at 19" but in reality that figure was one of the lowest snow totals. This had everything to do with the changes in elevation in the County. The observations in Coatesville were taken at an elevation around 350 feet above sea level. Every 100 feet or so in additional elevation made a huge difference in snow totals. The modest increase in elevation reduced the temps just enough to produce a very heavy wet snow accumulation. This was due to temperatures at just about freezing through the entire event.
As you can see in the NWS snow total map they produced back in 1958 there was a large zone of 30" to 40" and more of snow across Northwest Chester County and Southeast Berks County. This is due to elevations across much of NW Chesco at between 600ft to as much as 900 feet above sea level. In fact just across the border from here in NW Chester County at Morgantown they recorded the greatest snowfall in the history of Southeast PA with an incredible 50" of snow. The greatest officially reported total in Chester County was the 49" at Devault. Other notable amounts included the 40" at West Grove and the 36" of snow in West Chester. image.thumb.png.da002aac77b9c7649b6e32e9a993f02e.png
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4 hours ago, RedSky said:

Noticing guidane has cut back significantly on the magnitude of cold through mid month the last 48 hours. Looking seasonably average now.


I'll take average (no early blow torch Spring) at this point and say goodbye to Winter. Hoping cool/average weather this Spring and some outdoors/BBQ/Fire pit/trout fishing stuff...(DST starts 3/12/23)

#1 worst winter in my lifetime, no doubt.


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