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May Observations 2021


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2 hours ago, NorthHillsWx said:

91.2 imby. Warmest reading of the year. Still rising

Same here. We are now up to 97/74. 

Ok I just checked my wife's thermometer and it is reading 92. I can't believe mine is off by that much. Going to put some misc thermometers that I have in the house outside and see which ones are correct.

Well that was a bust. No sooner than I had put out the thermometers, clouds moved in and outflow from some nearby storms dropped the temp down to our current 84. And right now all 4 thermometers are reading within 1 degree of each other.


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All I can say is Thank you to Mother Nature for popping a cell over me here. 

After a high of 94 we have dropped to 73 with the rainfall.  Sitting at .54" of rain as it looks to be ending shortly. LAwn and garden is thankful. plus wash out any pollen in the air thats still around. 

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2 hours ago, yotaman said:

Had our highest low this morning of the year at 72. High was 89 before the clouds moved in. Currently T-storms in the area but they seem to be doing a good job of avoiding MBY. Currently 84/73.

Me too- highest low of 2021- at 67. High- 89

currently- m cloudy - 85/74 as of 5:30pm

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