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July Discobs 2020

George BM

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My numbers for the month of July 2020...

Averaged high was 87.6 degrees vs a normal of 84.7 degrees, a +2.9 above average. Highest temp was 93.0 degrees on the 21st. Averaged low was 64.4 degrees vs a normal of 61.5 degrees, a +2.9 above average. Lowest temp was 58.9 degrees on the 14th. Overall average temp was 76.0 degrees vs a normal of 73.1 degrees, again, a +2.9 above normal, and also the 5th warmest July on record. Total rainfall was 4.85 inches vs a normal of 4.01 inches, a +0.84 above average. The wettest day was the 23rd when 2.05 inches fell. There were 10 days with measurable, 3 days with a 'T' and 18 dry days. A 'T' was recorded on the snow front, due to hail falling on the 6th. Highest wind recorded for the month was 28 mph, also on the 6th. Overall a warm and dry month, with 3.77 inches of the 4.85 inches of rainfall occurring  on two days, 1.72 on the 6th and 2.05 on the 23rd. Only record for the month was the 2.05 inches of rain on the 23rd, new daily record. Records kept since Oct 1979.

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