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Kevin W

2018-19 New England Snow

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20 hours ago, Baroclinic Zone said:

His location has not been updated.  He moved to Heartwellville, VT.

well that makes much more sense. lol

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On 3/10/2019 at 10:37 AM, Damage In Tolland said:


42.2” YTD

Need 17-18” from the big coastal on the 21st to get to normal 


2 yesterday and 7 last night 

51.2” YTD 


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Got a new look coming up soon.

Finally bringing all this to the 21st century. LOL

Got a lot more to do though, but I'll get there.

Preview....but that's all it is right now:  New England Snow

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The new format looks great Kevin – can’t wait to see what it looks like when it all comes together.

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Thanks again for the work you put into this.  Looks like the new version will add useful info in an easily accessed format.  Good stuff!!

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3 hours ago, wxmanmitch said:

149.8". This should do it.


I updated it for you, as I usually do.

The site is now ready for anybody to add/edit their own records. If anybody else needs to add/update, and you want to do it yourself, PM me for your login details.

I'll add that during the process of getting all the data transferred to one table (instead of one for every season), I removed all commas and quotes from the Note field. So 2", for example, becomes 2.

FYI. That can all be edited if you wish. 

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This is from the Welcome page, which, if you're logged in, you can add comments/questions to. PM me for your login, which will give you access to every one of your records, that you can add/edit/delete. Have a great summer everybody!


After getting so many php errors due to the coding behind the old system, I finally made the leap to something more modern.
In the past, there was a link on the main page, taking you to events by members who add events (and not just simply updating their total) . This page replaces that and also removes a lot of work for me, especially between seasons, where I would have to create those pages individually, or when adding members during the season. (and the storms) The storm pages, which I liked, will be back, but there will be less of them than there was before. (just the more notable storms will be shown) I'm still discovering what I can do with the plugin I use for these tables, so I can fine tune this even more, when I can get to it.

This all works better on mobiles and tablets, including entering your records, and I'm going to tweak those settings as well.

Please Note: When entering your amount, it's a little funky. You will be presented with a zero in that field. When you start entering the amount, it will instantly change to 0.00. The placeholder (or whatever it's called) plays tricks on you, until you see why. If you want to enter, say, 4", you would have to enter 400.
8.5", would be 850. You'll see what I mean. I have tried to find a better way for this, but I cannot. I probably will though, so until then, that's how it goes. Everything else should be pretty straightforward.
Also: When transferring all the data to the new system, all "s and ,s, were removed in the Note field. You can edit those back in, if you wish.
When adding a record: If you are simply changing your season total, just choose No in the dropdown for the Event? field. Events are just that....individual records of flurries, to blizzard totals.


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