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1/8/18 Wintry Mix Event OBS and last minute forecasts.

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4 minutes ago, Knoxtron said:

Almost pushed the cold air out of the central valley. My gravel driveway is a skating rink (near Mghee Tyson Airport)!!


Looking at OBS looks a bit more entrenched than that map freezing or below from Bristol to NE Alabama currently.


Current Temps.PNG

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I'm still at 29 with Freezing Rain, dewpoint has come up a degree to 27.  Been ZR since 6:45A about 1/10 of an inch glaze on everything, difficult to walk on any surface even gravel.

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Chattanooga is hit and miss (pun intended) but not a Total Disaster like Knoxville. Colder Knox to MRX to TRI overnight. Shaded driveways, exposed decks and all metal are ice. Darker pavement is mostly just wet, thanks to sun over the weekend. Bridges got slushy. Once again people got false confidence on I-75, until ice skating their cars on flyovers.

Interesting though not surprising that Kentucky warmed up faster than North Alabama. KY enjoyed mild southwest winds. North Alabama dews/wetbulbs stayed low on a dry easterly fetch. While the surface HP was in full retreat from KY, a little ridge poked into North Georgia and North Alabama. Tennessee is mostly going as forecast, except for the Plateau.

Plateau actually saw effect of southwest wind just off the surface, being higher up. Usually the Plateau stays colder than forecast, inversion or not, I believe due to lower Td/wetbulb. This time it seems the inversion overrode (on SW wind) the dews. John may have more information there, but it's my impression so far.

Also, thanks for starting an event thread!

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ZR on my concrete sidewalk.  Have had a mix of sleet, rain, and freezing rain.  Temps have dropped back to freezing w heavier precip.  Noticed ice developing on the shrubs around my house.

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