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  1. Just my guess because the latest forecast from WXSouth has the area at 1 inch or under...it looks to be losing some of the gulf moisture, it's not moving to the east, and temps have risen above freezing in areas
  2. So another swing and miss for the valley?
  3. Precip line hasn't moved for over 90 minutes
  4. Hopeful for at least a couple of inches...nothing from NWS yet...not even a hazardous outlook
  5. Ground is white in Jeff County still coming down!
  6. Thanks for all you do Jeff. Can you give a "best guess" breakdown for the three TN regions?
  7. Bad wreck in 11E in East Knoxville 3 fire trucks and at least 3 cars involved 1 looked to be down embankment
  8. 34 here in Jeff City and nothing but clouds
  9. Still clear in Jeff City now 24 degrees
  10. Still clear skies and now 25 degrees in Jeff City
  11. 100% open even Alpine Way https://obergatlinburg.com/slope-report/
  12. Same here in Jeff City...very clear skies with many stars visible...26 degrees which is already below the projected low temp of the night...still think WAA will take over at some point
  13. 27...mostly clear skies in Jeff City wet bulb 22.6