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Central Pa - March Monster 2017

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1 minute ago, MillvilleWx said:

Radar down here is really starting to blossom. You guys up there will be getting pounded by the AM. 850-700 Frontogenesis looks prime for the eastern portions of the state. This sucker is going to explode the next 8-12 hours. Enjoy!

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absolutely. This is bombing right now. Thanks Mill.

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At 1:00 AM EDT I have officially measured 1.0" new snowfall since midnight, 2.0" of total storm snowfall...with heavy snow having fallen during the past hour.  Very large flakes adding to the totals rapidly.

I'm heading off to bed now and will return with overnight measurements at approximately 07:00 AM EDT.

Snow looks great falling out there.  For those who stay up overnight...enjoy!  Should still be plenty of action come morning.  G'nite.

>>PS...forgot to mention temperature is holding steady at 27.9 degrees.

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7 minutes ago, paweather said:

SN+ Been coming down. 3" plus right now. Radar just insane.

Awesome. Just saw the Tornado warning all the way down in Ft Lauderdale right now. Long way to go with this one! Looks like that precip shield is trying to expand NW slightly but wow, talk about living on the edge up here.

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