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  1. Central PA - Jan/Feb 2018

    o yes I can remember a hand full of the best feb and march storms with warm air leading up to the storm.
  2. Central PA - Jan/Feb 2018

    What a Birthday gift that would be. My son and I where going to spend the weekend fishing but I can make time for both and love every min.
  3. Central PA - Jan/Feb 2018

    I went for a walk just before it started a it took all but 15 mins for a very slick glaze to form on the roads here Drive with extreme caution.
  4. Central PA - Jan/Feb 2018

    Started as sleet also here in Newcumberland. Radar shows snow
  5. Central PA - Jan/Feb 2018

    Nice morning snow walk for the dog and I. It came down good here for about a half hour to an hour. Its been snowing here for about an hour and half
  6. Central PA - Jan/Feb 2018

    Not a great event but the duration and now over preforming has made my dog and i happy . I was going to get some sleep but the radar has now filled back in. Im no met but it looks like the coastal is having some positive influence on the eastern half of Pa. Its coming down steady again here
  7. Central PA - Jan/Feb 2018

    I have lived in cpa all my life and have been through all the big events . I try to stay outside and up as much as I can for all of them and never leave my/My fathers wood heated shed window until the end. 93 and 96 hands down. The long duration of 96 and wind and thunder of 93 are the benchmarks for all other storms for me. 2016 is third and a few good ones 08. I remember 83 but not much. I was born during the Presidents day storm of 79 my mother would have gave birth to me on a snowmobile Had I not been entangled in a umbilical cord. So That was pretty exciting although I dont remember that one .
  8. Central PA - Jan/Feb 2018

    Nice band just formed over me here in extreme north east York Co Reesers summit area. looks like she is flinging off some extreme bands looks like they might be here in a hurry What a beast.
  9. Central Pa - March Monster 2017

    Its staring to add up here in New Cumberland. I will be staying out in this one as long as I can.
  10. Central PA - February 2017

    Its hammering down here big time. More thunder snow please
  11. Central PA - February 2017

    Thunder snow you s.o.bs who saw it .d
  12. Central PA - February 2017

    Nice to be back. I offer nothing but I like reading all you guys stuff and love weather. Its a winter wounder land here around Reesers Summit. My axe is sharp , smoke is good, and my rocket stove is humming. This will work for me.
  13. Central PA - February 2016

    The storm is looking very impressive as a whole. Nither the Gulf or the Atlantic is being stingy.
  14. Central PA - February 2016

    Its been misting here for the last 2 hours now the freezing rain is picking up in intensity
  15. Central PA - February 2016

    Theres a battle out here. heading back out to paly