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  1. Spring 2018

    My best friend was staying with us because his mother was in labor during the storm I believe you are speaking of. I will get back to you with the date but it was pre 96 I am thinking 91- 92.
  2. Central PA - March 2018

    I really enjoyed this storm. My snow blower broke just as I had finished the bulk of the work then the last band was wicked here gave me probably a quick 2.5 "maybe a little more my boy and I had to shovel. Dust ended her at 12:10. Unfortunately I timed things wrong got tired and ended up sleeping through the heaviest snow rates of round 2 unless it was that last band. This storm gave me a 123 punch, was a real treat to watch come together, over preformed in totals and made the landscape look like a winter wonderland without damage around here My Dog ,Son and I approve big time. Heading out to have a smoke and look for Nome's with my dog in Timber Ridge wonderland.
  3. Central PA - March 2018

    I don't want to spoil any good vibes but at the start of round 2 and about 20 mins ago a little sleet mixed in very briefly but didn't show up on radar. it worry's me a little. Heading back out its mod/heavy here as of 10 mins ago
  4. Central PA - March 2018

    Thanks 93. 1993 was the first time I witnessed multiple lighting strikes in a winter storm but not the last. 2016 was great because of the local amounts but 93 was the real deal Holyfield. Not to mention the weather channel was great family entertainment back then. Heading back out to walk the Shepherd
  5. Central PA - March 2018

    Moderate rates here for the last 30+minutes. I planed on staying up and out but I over indulged in round 1 today age and diet may becoming a factor also .
  6. Central PA - March 2018

    round 2 started here almost two hours ago as a little snow and sleet mix for about 10 minutes but the radar didn't show it . Slow but steady snow here now . I was not expecting a big cyclonic looking inland storm. Is this how the models showed it. I hope thing are still looking good for most of us.
  7. Central PA - March 2018

    Cpa bulls eye that is
  8. Central PA - March 2018

    Im In the Bulls eye. I like it
  9. Central PA - March 2018

    We got one good band here around Newcumberland today then a few hours of very light snow I think we got about 2"-3" here today. It looks like things are starting to come together nicely on round two. I will be up late and out I hope to take some pics and vids . Maybe a can add to my thunder snow list if all goes well. I will check back in tonight if I can come in.
  10. Central PA - March 2018

    I just came in from getting my onion beds ready to plant . I could kind of feel it past two days now I can Smell it to. Heading out now to buy good Coffee a few energy drinks and gas for the toys. I hope it taste as good as it smells.
  11. Central PA - March 2018

    That there computer is smoking crack rocks. But that would sweet for some bitter for others.
  12. Central PA - Jan/Feb 2018

    o yes I can remember a hand full of the best feb and march storms with warm air leading up to the storm.
  13. Central PA - Jan/Feb 2018

    What a Birthday gift that would be. My son and I where going to spend the weekend fishing but I can make time for both and love every min.
  14. Central PA - Jan/Feb 2018

    I went for a walk just before it started a it took all but 15 mins for a very slick glaze to form on the roads here Drive with extreme caution.
  15. Central PA - Jan/Feb 2018

    Started as sleet also here in Newcumberland. Radar shows snow