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  1. I could be wrong but that looks like polystyrene or pvc bord. If its polystyrene I think it is a very easy, smart ,affordable and lightest weight idea. I am going to build a few with Polystyrene. Im sure you will be weighing it down or spiking it for some storms if its poly but I think they may need a one spike In the center or another sheet so it doesn't flex in a high wind situation.
  2. if I would have put a point in front of my 7 I would have been very close probably about the same a daxx. Such a idiot I I should have known better with that track . Still had a great day the IP made for some killer sledding with the kids
  3. if your driveway is relatively smooth 4-6 tine pitchfork with the fork at about 45° then push of with shovel. its cake as long as it has not hardened to much. If its to hard salt or chrorlide first what until you see water pockets forming underneath then fork it.
  5. This is my last post for the day . The lightning hole is showing again above right on the spot
  6. O you fellow are up good luck today I will give you guys the day without me. Dont put a like on this if you want me to honer that. I mean that. word is bond hommies.
  7. I keep using the edit as mush as I can to try not to clog the place up but I can only for so long to be accurate besides this is weather and your sleeping eyes. First band now entering the SV narrow but still looking like there could be some intensity if where not to dry.
  8. more bad news looks that the back side of the slot is not most robust at the moment . A little mixing in Morgantown according to returns. Initial band is starting to break down quit a bit coold air is holding some ground at the moment ZR PL is progressing though. slot no longer filling in on northern edege.
  9. Just in the last few minutes the initial band appears to be loosing vigor for now but the northern edge of slot is filling in but we look hard pressed to fill in in or area. I will name this storm Occludy the dancing octopus .
  10. looks like a ok band for my area then the Squirrel gets slotted in the nuts . I know my brass balls call is done .Still maybe a win of some kind for lightning. Going to split wood until my hands bleed today.
  11. looks like its staring to come together if thats are low there in Texas .
  12. I dont have or no were you guys get your tools or I would do it myself . I was wondering if anyone ever went back and looked at the pattern in late September and October I have been talking about. I was always hoping someone would take interest and look back. I think we do have a setup here pretty identical. If no one is talking to me now whatever .
  13. Seeing that Sausse could throw a baseball 5280' Just have him throw ice into the clouds . at first I was thinking Bobby Abreu the professional outfielder but he can only throw about 380' so he wont work.
  14. I tried to be nice to. I am only pissed at one person its the same guy every time. Suss is far enough away from me that there can be no argument although I will say there has never been a human on this planet that can throw a baseball a mile or even 1/4 a mile not even Bo. Man do I hate BS
  15. Just a reminder OF WHERE TO FIND HARRISBURGS REAL TOTALS AFTER THE STORM Daily Summaries Station Details Station Details Name MIDDLETOWN 2.9 NW, PA US Network:ID GHCND:US1PADP0014 Latitude/Longitude 40.234858°, -76.761678° Elevation 155.4 m Period of Record Start Date¹ 2009-08-11 End Date¹ 2020-01-14 Data Coverage² 89% Add to Cart
  16. TWC did drop the totals at least for me down to 1-3 for a few hours yesterday then right back to 3-5 were they have been there for a few days. I hate twc now but I started using there site way back in the day and still visit out of habit for some reason. Its got to be the shittiest running weather site out there.
  17. I am done I promiss nut Hope you looked at the stations
  18. I do understand your frustration and I do know how a thin strip can train over a area a or a burst can happen in my side of town and not the other thats not the case here. I noticed Every storm since 2016 has been represented with a snow hate bias for the City and as I found out tonight the wrong station for the actual city and thats where the truth can be found. I held it in for three years before I finally called it out.
  19. His B/S is making me Halk out again. But I have had to deal with it every storm now since 2016 and no one has caught it but the Blizz . Him a another even B/S the ice a few weeks ago