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  1. the wwa from BGM was extended until 7 am tomorrow. My point n click still says 1 inch or less. also added was the high wind watch. Makes life fun...
  2. Call me the thread killer....No posts in 24 hours..... I did shower this week. Interesting take on the Sunday night storm and then DT's woofing for wednesday-thursday storms. thoughts?
  3. It was nice to see us get a nice trashing. the snow here was of the light and fluffy type. it started around 1:30 am and by 3:30 am we had a couple of inches--it ws pounding. by 5:30 (when I got my call about work not opening until 12:00) we had near 5 inches. by 8:00 (I got my second call that we were closed) it had slowed down and we were near the end and had about 8-9 inches. On the black top it was about 6 inches.
  4. 8.5 here in wilkes-barre, the wind is awesome. must be gusting close to 30mph at times.
  5. IT looks like we have been moved up in amounts. We are in the 8+ range now. The schools have already closed for tomorrow.
  6. This is like the blizzard of last year for us in NEPA. We are on the edge and we could get creamed or it could miss us. My point and click has me getting about 6.5 inches of snow. NWS is usually on the high side. most of the other forecasts have us at the 5 to 8 or 3 to 6 range.
  7. winter storm watch issued for Sullivan-Lackawanna-Luzerne-Pike-Southern Wayne counties issued by NWS Binghamton-- we are in the 5 to 8 inch range... Rick
  8. NWS-Bing has issued a HWO for the Tuesday-Wednesday event. I am surprised that they have issued the HWO so early. Rick
  9. We have about an Inch in Wilkes-Barre, temp is around 32 so the roads are iffy in some spots. Rick
  10. IT was very messy on the roads during the peak, we had about 1 inch or so.
  11. General George Patton awarded a chaplain a medal or citation for a prayer that asked for clear weather before an important battle. I say go for it!.
  12. yes the kids are making up their own forecasts again. At least their mom isn't forecasting for them this time.
  13. SWMBO (She who must be obeyed) looks for snow days as much as I do. (we both work at different schools). I was really surprised that we had a couple of light snowfalls while I was off work recovering from surgery. I was able to go out to sweep/push one of the snow events with the broom and shovel. the others I didn't even bother to clear. THe last time I was off work for a back surgery was when we had the three days of 4 inch plus storms in 2014. Monday's event looks interesting. local mets are staying rain....
  14. that accident was one of the worse I have seen. (watching it on TV). 7 tractor trailers. I have to think they were running faster than they should have. Multi Vehicle Accident Multi vehicle accident on I-81 southbound between Exit 197: PA 632 - WAVERLY and Exit 194: US 6 WEST/US 11/I-476 SOUTH TURNPIKE. All lanes closed. Last Updated: Jan 11, 2017 10:57 AM All the schools closed here, the roads were messy but passable. Work was delayed but most of far away staff didn't make it in.
  15. My wife has this issue, we had the blasting yesterday. It got icy while we were at the surgery center. then it stopped for a while.