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  1. that accident was one of the worse I have seen. (watching it on TV). 7 tractor trailers. I have to think they were running faster than they should have. Multi Vehicle Accident Multi vehicle accident on I-81 southbound between Exit 197: PA 632 - WAVERLY and Exit 194: US 6 WEST/US 11/I-476 SOUTH TURNPIKE. All lanes closed. Last Updated: Jan 11, 2017 10:57 AM All the schools closed here, the roads were messy but passable. Work was delayed but most of far away staff didn't make it in.
  2. My wife has this issue, we had the blasting yesterday. It got icy while we were at the surgery center. then it stopped for a while.
  3. that is what is looks like here as well. But I did hear about some bad roads earlier. I did not hear of any freezing rain.
  4. I remember this one... I had my kids for the weekend, Saturday morning it had started snowing and I had to run to the store. It was about an inch then. The store was about to close. Got home and every two hours I cleaned a path to the car. That was a waste because two hour later the path I cleared was gone. you couldn't tell were the path was. The next day the snow was even with my deck (30 inches). I had to go to work only to find that work had closed. We closed for three days after that storm. I told the kids that we could fry up the cat if we really got hungry. They were 12 and 9 at the time. we also had a 3 month old. First time I saw the roads closed. I live near a highway and the plow trucks were running constantly to keep it clear. It was a main road to the hospitals. we are due for another major storm.
  5. I hope everyone had a great Christmas, I got my present, the Dolphins made the playoffs!!! Oh yea, My oncologist said that he says I am 98% cured. I am still under treatment for lung cancer (non smoker) but no chemo or radiation at this time. Maybe we will have more that 4.5 inches of snow here this year. Finally Tom CLark of WNEP is retiring this weekend. Big changes at WNEP.
  6. Dusting here in WB, but I am concerned that NWS has not considered icing for our area. On the Ice maps we are in the .25 inch range but nothing but little to no ice in the forecast. Rick
  7. Allerather, conga-rats on the house and child. that seems to happen a lot. I just had a round of scarey cancer. Quite by accident my family doctor found a small mass in my lung. (I never smoked) and I had to have it biopsied twice. Turns out it was malignant. I had about half of one of my lungs removed. IT was really fun and the recovery time is about one year due to the separation of the ribs. Anyway, This weekends storm looks like a mess. Local mets are saying up to 6 inches of snow, then sleet and freezing rain. How about the upcoming cold snap?
  8. We had some sleet for a brief time this morning. Counties to the north and poconos to the south had freezing rain. It was weird seeing schools closed. Rick
  9. Look at it this way, if the media didn't hype the storm, then it would not be received by the public as dangerous. I have been watching a live tv station from Jacksonville. pretty interesting info.
  10. evacuation orders for places east of i-95 near Savannah, I was on the phone with my father (he is near tybee Island) and he got the call. they are being told to expect a strong surge.