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  1. the only difference will be how far the debris fly. My concern is that the storm will increase in size and spread out the hurricane force winds. I believe this happens after an eyewall replacement.
  2. If you have a roku box, load the X channel. under the 24 hour streaming section, you will find a list of tv stations listed by state. there are a few Florida stations listed. also there are a few streaming on LIVESTREAM as well.
  3. quick question: didn't Charley strengthen rapidly as it came up the coast? I seem to remember it going from a cat 2 to a cat for in one 6 hour period.
  4. IIRC Andrew strengthened over the everglades. Does anyone else remember seeing that? Andrew was upgraded to a cat 5 after reevaluation. Also my family survived Andrew in Homestead. I remember seeing the pictures of the devastation . Incredible.
  5. Thanks!, I don;t think we could handle another snowstorm...
  6. Anyone see anything like this? one of my Cow-orkers sent this.
  7. The lake effect snows have left about another 3inches today giving me more snow this week than I had in the last 2years. Most schools have closed again and road crews are drinking large amounts of monster energy drinks. My road is barely one lane wide and I have seen Facebook posts were no plows have touched some of the streets. One of the city managers posted that the main streets, hospitals and other critical streets would be done first and all alleys and minor streets would be done by the weekend.
  8. some photos... I had to mess with teh colors becasue the snow was washing out the snow
  9. travel bans everywhere. no work tomorrow again. I am hearing a general 2 ft outside the valley and a solid 22 inch snow fall here.
  10. I forgot, it was a freezing drizzle for a bit and then some sleet. Right now it seems to have stopped for a bit.
  11. I measured 22 and 24 in different spots. wild. I cleared part of my driveway earlier today and had to remove another 4 or so inches. I'll post picts later.
  12. did the governor ever declare a state of emergency?
  13. some of the heaviest snow is falling right now. barely able to see the school across the street.
  14. the forecasting has gotten worse, BGM is afraid to up the totals because of sleet mixing in, but it appears that we could get another 10 inches or so in the next 4 hours. That would put us close to 30 inches. I had measurements of 19,18.5 and 18 while outside. (taking a break and going back out in an hour or so). the wind has picked up.
  15. I cleared part of my driveway only to get to the road and find it wasn't been touched in hours. We are getting slammed again with a heavy burst. local tv met says 2-4 inches an hour until 3:00.