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  1. I know I am several inches behind what others have reported in the area so this difference may be right. 4” today puts me at 20.9” for the month - I am missing some of my data so I don’t know what my season total is at the moment. I know there was at least one event (around the 10th maybe) that east shore & city had reports of an inch or two more than what I had as a heavy band just missed home to the south and east.
  2. Yep 3k NAM is showing pretty strong push of warm air around 700mb that would really knock down totals across MD/southeast PA as sleet
  3. Getting bigger flakes at home now but still a good bit of sleet mixed in - I only have 3.25” total so far
  4. It at least flipped back to snow - but have been on the edge of this so far so not dumping but more moderate here
  5. It is all about how far west the model runs are sending the upper level dynamics - the runs that are sending it west are the ones spitting out the higher numbers on the snow maps and the ones that are not look like this GFS map or the much lower HRRR solution. The upper level dry air showing up so well on current water vapor imagery already as well as the model runs worries me (as in need under banding for good snow or face dry slotting), but will have to see how things shake out tomorrow.
  6. Wind picked up and it turned into a burst of best flakes of event for a few minutes but I’m back to sleet now on other side of the mountain
  7. Looking at correlation coefficient imagery from the radars and mPing reports the ptype transition line is racing north and east much faster than I was expecting but with low track to our west honestly I’m not surprised... starting to wonder if more icing ends up occurring around here than was expected. Cold near surface will hold but aloft not looking likely.
  8. Any reports of damage from around Duncannon to Halifax and just east? Radar struggles due to terrain in that area but looked like it was picking up on at least some rotation with that line that just went through.
  9. KMDT only managed to fall to 16 overnight and that was briefly around 2 am when winds went almost calm for a little bit - as soon as the breeze picked back up temperatures climbed back to 20-21 degrees and stayed there the rest of the night. My snow took quite a hit yesterday from the sun and wind where I only have about an inch left in areas that the sun hits most of the day and about 4-5" depth in the some sun but more shaded areas.
  10. haha that is my current running total as well - here are my records based on morning reporting times so dates may be slightly off from how others record: 11/16 - 8.0", 1/13 - 2.2", 1/18 - 1.7", 1/20 - 3.8", 1/30 - 2.4", 2/2 - 1.0", 2/11 - 1.1", 2/12 - 4.4", 2/21 - 5.0", 3/1 - 4.1", 3/2 - 3.3", 3/4 - 4.5" = 41.5"
  11. The wind has really started to pick up here in the last hour - with the drier air moving in with this wind and some march sunshine temps won't have to get above the freezing mark across the LSV the next few days to eat away at this snow unfortunately. Had a depth of 8" this morning so curious to see what that is down to later today.
  12. @canderson had asked about it the other day - there are a number of times that MDT reported more than a trace and even more than an inch for 3 straight days but based on time used to make those reports I am not sure that many of those are from 3 separate systems. January 24-27 2004 and February 15-18 2003 had 4 straight days of at least 1" As someone else pointed out last night - their totals for the last 3 days are suspicious. They are currently reporting 4.2" for the 1st with .42" liquid, 1.2" for the 2nd with .24" liquid, and 6.8" for yesterday with .69" liquid.
  13. 4.5” here - I think I just missed a good band earlier. It’s so quiet out right now all I can hear is the snow starting to fall out of some of the trees.
  14. Obs down there just have not been good for them so far that it seems like they fear that area north and northeast of Frederick just isn’t going to hang on enough
  15. Kuchera map has ratios slightly above 10:1 for I-81 and northwest so it adds another inch or two for much of that area around Harrisburg to an extra 3-4 inches for State College and Pittsburgh for the Sunday/Monday event.
  16. Winter Weather Advisory is posted on NWS State College site for the southern counties but for some reason it doesn't look like their system pushed out the alert because it's not showing up anywhere that I usually see it... Cambria-Blair-Huntingdon-Somerset-Bedford-Fulton-Franklin- Including the cities of Johnstown, Altoona, Huntingdon, Mount Union, Somerset, Bedford, McConnellsburg, and Chambersburg 1021 AM EST Thu Feb 28 2019 ...WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY IN EFFECT FROM 9 PM THIS EVENING TO 8 AM EST FRIDAY... * WHAT...Snow expected. Total snow accumulations of 2 to 4 inches are expected. * WHERE...Portions of central Pennsylvania. * WHEN...From 9 PM this evening to 8 AM EST Friday. Cumberland-Adams-York-Lancaster- Including the cities of Carlisle, Gettysburg, York, and Lancaster 1021 AM EST Thu Feb 28 2019 ...WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY IN EFFECT FROM 1 AM TO 8 AM EST FRIDAY... * WHAT...Snow expected. Total snow accumulations of 2 to 3 inches are expected. * WHERE...Cumberland, Adams, York and Lancaster Counties. * WHEN...From 1 AM to 8 AM EST Friday.
  17. Ice definitely got close to .35-.40” range here but temp now 33 and some melting is trying to start. Clarksburg WV is currently at 58 degrees at midnight so the warm air is aloft waiting for some wind to start to mix it down to the surface.
  18. Oh and capital city only reported 0.20” to HIA’s 0.25” lol
  19. HIA reporting 0.25” ice, York at 0.17”, Lancaster 0.20”, Johnstown 0.21”, Williamsport 0.16”, Altoona 0.12”
  20. It’s too warm aloft for any snow now around here - we are pretty much down to freezing rain
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