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  1. That's not an official measurement, just eyeballing this morning. But never really saw the heavy snow last night that some Altoona/State College posters were reporting. Maybe we just missed out on that. Based on the snowfall reports it looks like Clearfield really got screwed too. But yeah, learned long ago to keep expectations very low for these things... then you're happy with whatever you end up with. I'm most upset all the mixing will ruin the ski conditions... I had high hopes of shredding some pow at Blue Knob this week.
  2. This one stings...from a 15" NWS call just hours before start time to 4" of slop out there.
  3. Looks like their latest map actually bumped UNV up to 15"... pretty crazy
  4. Hopefully it will be a region-wide overperformer. It's been fun tracking this week regardless.
  5. I'd trust them over all the southern tier people doom and glooming because they're not in the jackpot for once
  6. WSW for 12-16" here.... highest forecast total in a LONG time. Pretty exciting!
  7. Definitely remember that one more than a few times I've laid back on going crazy model watching too after getting burned so many times... but this one sure is looking promising.
  8. Hope that's coming this way. I'm staying up late for this one haha
  9. Awesome hope you pile up! Just been a light rain/sleet mix here since precip started around midnight... haven't even seen a flake yet. fringe life
  10. Still waiting on them here but I'm sure it wont be long...looks like we're gonna be right on the fringe again. Stilll awesome to be tracking snow in April! Hope this one is an overperformer for everyone!!
  11. KUNV getting some bonus april fringe? lock it in.
  12. I totally jinxed it with my post a few days ago haha. At least we won't have to shovel tomorrow morning
  13. Pretty crazy. Even ctp had 3-5" this morning and we're gonna get nothing. 20 miles to the south probably got 6+