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  1. Beautiful picture! I always enjoy your pictures.
  2. Yeah, it hasn't been the nicest fall for fall colors. Dry, warm/hot, and lots of wind right when the change occurs. Orographic lift is yet another meteorological phenomenon that fascinates me about the weather! Hence why some day, I REALLY want to live on the Tug Hill plateau.
  3. True enough! Enjoy! Looks like you had some orographic lift up there over the weekend?
  4. Van Buren, Kalamazoo, and Calhoun Counties sure got hit, didn't they!!?! I got about 1.5 inches here, which is perfect for replenishing water without all the flooding. The pond at work is the lowest I have ever seen it. We had to turn the fountain off in September for fear that the pump would burn up with not enough water going through. Hopefully it go some good water drained into after this weekend. The fish, frogs, and turtles could surely use it in their little habitat!
  5. Same here, Josh. The cool start to September caused some quick color change, then the heat that came (combined with the dry conditions) caused the first batch of color to disappear quickly. Then very slow changing until this past week. I was perusing the New England threads this weekend, and apparently the fall foliage season has been the same over there. Many disappointed leaf peepers over there. Bo, it looks like you're going to be looking at quite a stretch of drab, brown trees with no snow for the next couple weeks. Still waiting on our first frost down in much of Lower. Looks like you may have some good understory color left in the woods.
  6. The Chicago area sure has seen some heavy rain events this year as well!
  7. Amazing some of the monsoonal rains areas of Michigan have had this year. Earlier in the summer it was the Mt. Pleasant area with 5 to 8 inches of rain in less than a day's time. Today has been a repeat of that scenario in the Kalamazoo and Battle Creek areas of Michigan. Over 6 inches of rain and still coming down!
  8. Same here. An inch or so of rain here (they were predicting around 3 inches)...but just a county or two farther to the south (Kalamazoo/Battle Creek areas) have received over 6 inches of rain today, with more to come!
  9. Snow is getting closer...Up to an inch of snow possible in the Arrowhead of Minnesota tonight.
  10. Wow. We are still waiting for many trees to even change from green down in Lower Michigan! This past week has seen a good change in color...which hopefully won't ALL be gone after this stormy weekend.
  11. Sorry guys! I just realized this is the thread for winter in Ohio and surrounding area.
  12. As much as I would love all those different systems, climatology says that kind of winter is pretty rare in Michigan. Though Alberta clippers usually don't become bombed out systems, they provide much of the average snowfall for the Great Lakes states. It is true...my area is often rocking when we get the clipper train going, with many SW flow enhanced events off of Lake Michigan. Plus, Alberta Clippers tend to come along with blasts of cold air as a trough digs down through the north central plains and northern Great Lakes. Better chances for snowcover to stick around.
  13. Bring on an Alberta Clipper winter! Those have been lacking the past couple of years.
  14. It is looking like more of an up and down pattern, with the temp averaging on the slightly higher than normal side of average. Hopefully with more fronts moving In and out, we will increase our chances of rain some.
  15. It looks like it will continue to be dry going into October. Much of Lower Michigan continues to progress more into drought mode. Unfortunately, many of the trees are stressed and don't have vibrant color to them. Some are dropping crispy leaves. Hopefully with the cooler weather, we can still get some good fall color yet.