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  1. Hah, thanks for the understanding! Since we don't really have many posters on here, if any, that live along the Lake Michigan coast, not many realize just how crummy some of the winters have been here this decade. Getting bloody annoying. When life-long locals who don't really care much for winter start saying they miss the winters we used to have, you know it has been bad. Although we aren't Traverse City or Gaylord, this area does rely on winter activities for our economy.
  2. That's because we have had virtually no SW wind lake effect/enhanced clippers this winter. Over here in MI, at least, it's been pretty much all WNW flow.
  3. F for the longest November ever. Most synoptic systems have been north and east of here What little snow we have gotten starts melting right after it stops Whatever lake effect snow events we have had, the winds are so bloody strong that the bands get blown way inland to like, Josh's house in Detroit and we get a dusting here Lots and lots of dreary/foggy/overcast days with temps around 40 Mud This week is the first time we have seen sun since probably the actual November (lol). Winter along a Great Lake is very depressing when there is no snow on the ground. Dark, dark, dark! This is why I tell people who live here snow is good to have because it brightens everything up...as clouds are pretty much guaranteed.
  4. 3 to 4 feet deficit in snowfall of where I should be by this time of year. Difficult to swallow after last year's ugliness.
  5. Do you guys have any flowers coming up or blooming down there with this ridiculously mild winter?
  6. I think you do an excellent job at mellowing it out on how much snow you have. Most of us love to report how much snow we have when we get it. You just happen to get it MUCH more than the rest of us. Love your pictures. Not even 30 and you already have a beautiful house and chunk of property in the UP?!?! You must have an excellent-paying job.
  7. With each model run, the "big lake effect snows" local meteorologists predicted seem to be fading fast with this system. Just can't catch a break this pathetic winter.
  8. Still over 2 feet below normal over here. Growing tired of all the heavy snow bands hitting central and southern Michigan... Kalamazoo to Detroit has been cashing in winter after winter lately.
  9. Despite having snow on the ground for a few weeks this winter, most of those weeks were spent watching the snow melt and compact down to ugly snowcover. This has felt like an eternal March/April pattern. This past week was constant fog, drizzle, showers, and tenps stuck in the mid-upper 30s. Even winter-haters around here are boggled about this mild winter. Yesterday was the first time we have seen sun in weeks...and the temp soared to 60 degrees. Absurd. It was nice to see sunshine though. Wow! Talk about a warm January!
  10. Hey, all. Just stalking some of the other regional discussions. Must say The Panic Room, casualty list, and watch lists gave me a good chuckle. In the Lakes Board, we have a "banter thread", but the "complaining" there looks like people who are on high dosages of Prozac compared to yours. They don't seem to tolerate complaining very well. Kudos to you guys for ranting! Lol Our winter has been just as meh as yours relative to average. Hoping February turns out to be a great month for us all! The Midwest holds NOTHING in comparison to a good, classic noreaster that dumps a couple feet. I grew up in Lancasrer, PA and miss those storms. But, we have much more winter throughout up here. Best wishes to you all.
  11. Nice to be seeing some snow showing up for the end of next week.
  12. Locally, this winter has by far been much worse than 2011-2012. We had many snow events, but the snow just didn't stick around. This winter, we have had about 3 weeks of snow cover while the ridiculous thaws have wiped things out. Plus, snowfall has been sparse. Compared to avg., super ugly here. I agree with those saying worse than that season. Now, looking long range, clippers can definitely turn that around. The whole pattern still seems goofy to me though. Just very cautious about anything great.
  13. Yeah, we have probably done some of the worst in terms of lake effect compared to most snow belts this year. Like I mentioned, the 35 mph winds we have had with pretty much every lake effect event this year have either blown the snow waaaay inland, or they have ripped apart snowflake growth and we get the real fine snow that just doesn't pile up. Plus, this area cashes in big time with clippers, as SW winds really enhance snow off the lake...and we often get convergence. This year, we have had zero clippers, so that has not helped us at all. Muskegon is truly a microclimate in itself. We either get the heaviest snows...or some of the lowest. There isn't much "in between" stuff. Winters seem to be either feast or famine here. 150 inch snow seasons....or 70 inches.
  14. I don't envy anybody who gets freezing rain. One form of wintry precip. I have no desire to deal with. Too many memories from the 90s in PA of many ice storms with wind breaking trees, snapping power lines, injuring people, and aiding in many accidents.
  15. Somewhere around 35ish inches. You guys got heavier snows from the December systems, AND all the strong winds during lake effect events have blown the heaviest snow over the lakeshore to the Grand Rapids area. It has NOT been a good start for the Muskegon area. We still have snowcover in many areas. A couple of inches in pretty much all shaded areas...but grass is showing wherever snow was blown away from the wind and snowcover was thinner. Plus, around the mall and open areas that always lose it first. My yard has a couple inches of glacier...but that will be toast this week.