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  1. GRR NWS mentioned in their discussion that they were leaning towards the Euro. The GFS has been flip flopping back and forth...per usual. The longer range pattern is certainly looking more exciting and active than just a day or two ago!
  2. More like the I 94 corridor from Kalamazoo to Ann Arbor/Detroit. They have been the synoptic jackpot zone for this decade.
  3. Our local met said at the end of his forecast tonight: "This weekend looks like quite a mess. Our models are at odds with each other. Some say rain/snow mix and other show a 'whopper' of a storm."
  4. GRR is saying up to 18 inches in places along the Lake Michigan coast by Wednesday morning. Tomorrow is going to be a very interesting day! I highly doubt my area gets anywhere near that, as a NW flow is not our most ideal setup...especially if there are only a couple dominant bands. Hoping the winds shift back and forth a bit.
  5. Boy, do I wish this guy was right...
  6. Just perused your area's thread (Upstate NY) and it looks like some exciting snow bands moving through there today...through Wednesday! I enjoyed seeing the pictures and videos.
  7. I am right under that band! I would LOVE for that to happen. BuffaloWeather, I would hate to live in Buffalo or Depew...and so often have to look at a dark cloud deck just to the south...knowing they are getting rocked. That's one thing I like about Lake Michigan. Although we usually don't get outrageous amounts like you guys do...lake effect snow is more "spread the wealth" here, rather than one dominant band. If it's a northerly flow, that's a different story.
  8. While the 00Z GFS is a complete whiff to the North...with both of you on the veeeery southern edge of precip. It seems the models are confused on whether to focus on a Low Pressure over Northern Michigan or a low moving much farther south. Transfer of energy confusion?
  9. So THAT'S what the sun looks like the day after a snowstorm...that's a rarity up here too! lol
  10. This is the webcam I like to check out for Benton Harbor: https://www.wunderground.com/webcams/kevinspagedotcom/3/show.html How much snow were you able to get with the clipper?
  11. I'm glad you guys down in Indiana and Ohio are picking up some snow. Enjoy!
  12. Received between 4 and 5 more inches since midnight last night, thanks to Lake Enhancement. This is when I am very thankful for Lake Michigan! After Thursday's lake effect, and this clipper, we are starting to build a snowpack here in West Michigan.
  13. Seems like many of the models are trying to bring back a trough to the Great Lakes/Northeast after the relaxation next week. Definitely a much less deep trough...which may open the door for more opportunities around Holidays.
  14. Looks like Millersville is doing well!
  15. Ground covered?