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  1. Is "nasty" an okay meteorological word for description?
  2. An absolute monster wedge presentation on radar as you're ever going to get...
  3. Incredible presentation on radar...
  4. Warnings are real-time as cells evolve. Meso scale discussions and lead time watches are warranted based on synoptic reasoning and conditions that have been suggested by high res modeling and severe parameters. Two seperate entities. Too early to downplay threats when it's not even 22z yet for central areas.
  5. MRX briefing for middle-to-eastern portions of the Valley...
  6. You can already see suspect upstream cells organizing that will lead downstream into the region of concern. We're no where near out of the woods.
  7. Brian Emfinger's drone footage of the tornado near Silas, Alabama:
  8. Circulation looks to be getting stronger.
  9. Things are ramping in MS and AL fast. A second PDS Tornado Watch incoming for areas north and west of the current one.
  10. Hurricane Committee discusses record-breaking 2020 season, plans for 2021
  11. Not to completely divert off-topic here but I think we can colonize with domes and perhaps even produce atmosphere before we can forcefully manipulate the randomness of chaotic liquid flow eddies between low and high pressure systems. Perhaps even being able to make a planet breathable before we can control the thermal-coupled dynamics between the Earth's oceans and resultant drivin lapse rates into its atmosphere. That is some serious crazy physics control at that point that might not come into human or AI control until far later into advancements of space exploration and settlement that we are a long ways off from achieving. Take a planet like Venus, for example. Yeah. Yikes. We've got a long way to go before we can simply snuff out a macro system like a Category 5 hurricane.