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  1. Turtle

    Virtual gtg

    Glad I got in to see this....well, that is, if this can get done!!!! I'm available anytime, preferably afternoon or evening. (for those whom haven't heard, I'm retired!! ) I'll try and visit here more often. --Turtle
  2. The eclipse was LOVELY here in SE Mass. Skies were perfectly clear, but it was damn cold! WOW! The hub and I really enjoyed it. Stepped outside from time to time to see the phases until totality, then had to go to bed. Was working the early morning shift the next day. --Turtle
  3. Nice to meet you too! Hope there's another GTG soon! --Turtle
  4. Geez, guess I got there too late for the group photos...OH WELL! Maybe next time!!! --Turtle
  5. Yep, sorry I missed you, too. I got there about 15 minutes or so after you left. Dang! Hope we have another GTG soon so more folks can come and say HI!! --Turtle
  6. You're too kind. Thanks. Still have to play by ear. Working on stuff here. Plus, will be at the office on Sunday at noon. Will keep you updated. --Turtle
  7. OK guys... Not sure you heard about this stupid shutdown thing, but I'm right in the thick of it, no pay and all... Plus, there's a storm a'comin (surprise, not)!! Even with no pay, have to have someone help out with the storm on Sunday. Waiting to hear back for possible "overtime" coverage (haha). Have to watch the gas and $$ now, too, so I am very much on the fence about going. Yeah, this truly stinks. I would LOVE to see all you weenies, especially in weenie mode, but very shaky right now. (sigh...) Will decide by Friday night, but leaning toward no go at this point. Truly stinks... Hope there's a big surprise between now and then (like the shutdown ends...). I hate wait and see, but it's wait and see... --Turtle
  8. Cory, Can't do too much in current situation at work (if you get my drift). Once that "stuff" has ended, I'll try to find out what's up with it. --Turtle
  9. OOPS! I put in too many / in the URL...try this... https://climate.usu.edu/mapGUI/mapGUI.php Not sure is this is what you're looking for, though. Hope to see you at the GTG in Worcester on 1/19! --Turtle
  10. You are too kind, Steve. Such a long time ago, the PWM's days. Can't wait to see ya! --Turtle (El)
  11. Hey Cory!! Could this be the Utah site you were looking for? https://climate.usu.edu/mapGUI//mapGUI.php This is through the University of Utah. Looks like you can find data through the country, though. Hope this works. I can't tell you what happened to the old data on the BOX site. --Turtle
  12. I thought I saw 1 PM as a start time...maybe??!?! --Turtle
  13. WOW! That would be GREAT if any of the other girls can make it! This'll be FUN!!! --Turtle
  14. WOO HOO!! Can't wait to see you (as long as Mother Nature cooperates!). --Turtle
  15. Hello folks! Yes, I'm still out here, even though I haven't visited this site in quite a while. Been busy living life mainly offline, as well as work which included a BIG office move back in March (oh yeah, with a snowstorm during that! HAHA!). As it so happens, I am OFF (well, unless there is a HECS or something!! <hehehe...>). So, for now, I will be there! Looking forward to this! Can't wait to see everyone, especially Will, Ray and Ginxy! --Turtle