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  1. BayBreeze


    paul, no offense bro. but even as a homo with pent up energy, i would not screw you with randy's pole. haha. i don't know why i brought that up butt oh well.
  2. how do you circumsize a boy from west virginia? punch his sister in the mouth.

  3. Haha. I needed that laugh. :D

  4. i hope you are up now you b**ch. here is a poem that made me think of you. haha. not really but i like it.

    there once was a woman named alice

    who used a dynamite stick for a phallus

    they found her vagina in south carolina

    and part of her anus in dallas.

  5. Psshhh, I called you a grampa in that thread about say something nice to the poster above you.

  6. you never pay attention to me anymore.

  7. cool you are back. seemed like you wrer gone forever.

  8. malllow is mad at you. he said.

  9. sill a stud after all these years. :) hoi.

  10. Hello sweet and saucy :wub:

  11. just saying hi you sexy thang. :)

  12. just here stalking you. hi.

  13. i never hear from you. i think you don't like me. you ditched me in baltimore too.