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  1. I live very close to you, on Modaff Rd. about 1/2 mile south of 75th st. We live on a couple of acres, and I have had significant tree damage throughout the yard (one large tree tipped over at the roots, others had their tops snapped off), and had a screen door ripped off its hinges. Fortunately no structural damage to our house.
  2. I just wanted to pop in to say that I only lurk here, but have been glued to this thread along with Reddit for the past few days. I have been to all the major Hawaiian islands, some of them many times, so the places and cities people are talking about are all familiar to me. Having someone there reporting on what is going on has been so compelling. I can only imagine how unnerving it would be to ride out a hurricane as a traveler. I will be here lurking a lot during this storm. Thanks for the updates NJwx85. I hope you and your family stay safe, and I hope this storm is not as damaging or destructive as feared.
  3. I too just joined this forum, thank you for letting me in. i have a friend in Naples and more friends in Ft. Myers, so I am watching this storm very carefully. Because the Florida peninsula is fairly narrow, and right now there is still a lot of variation in the projected runs, it would be difficult to know where to evacuate to in order to avoid life threatening weather conditions. I especially feel badly for people in the Keys and at the southern tip of FL. Getting out of harms way will be a very long drive for them no matter what.
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