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  1. AmyB

    2/24/16 Severe Thunderstorm Potential

    Having a small fit on my couch, waiting.. winds died down quite a bit about 10 minutes ago, picking up now.. Most interesting February 24 I can remember.. Starting to see lightning, no thunder yet.. it's eerie when there's a calm like this before a storm!
  2. AmyB

    Met Autumn BANTER

    snow shower just happened:
  3. AmyB

    Met Autumn BANTER

    i did, was busy doing summer stuff, back to school and enjoying the last few days of summer/begging for fall! we had sun here for about 15 minutes.. then it vanished.. we still have humidity but not as warm as it was.. been a while since I went out, have to check again in a little while
  4. AmyB

    Met Autumn BANTER

    Congrats and best wishes! I know they say that rain on your wedding day is good luck, but hopefully it isn't anything more than a shower or two! Whoa, moderator? Have I been gone THAT long?
  5. No rain here today, but the breeze, the low humidity and warm night.. perfect.. Nice break before the heat comes back next week.. watering was a total pleasure this evening..
  6. AmyB

    Unofficial Start to Summer Banter

    I just came in to say hi and not be a stranger!
  7. Laid on my deck for a while between 10 and 11pm, saw three, a satellite went by but there were a lot of thin low clouds messin' up my view..
  8. AmyB

    Unofficial Start to Summer Banter

    that is spectacular right there.. there's not a lot of light polution here but never have I seen anything like this.. wait.. one time, in Bermuda.. top of the golf course in St. George's.. it wasn't even close to that pic there and I thought THAT was a sight! Hoping to see some Perseid this evening.. last night was still a little too cloudy here for anything at all.. nice night though.. .96" of rain in the gage and then into my tomato plant! I am petrified of freezing rain! Only can recall one scary storm in December 2009 back in Mass. Walked out at 730 and almost went right back in.. Seem to get more freezing rain here in NY.. there was a storm in February 2014 that had a good layer on everything. Definitely NOT my favorite weather, I refuse to go anywhere except outside to take pics! It is incredible out here today.. posting from the deck.. nice breeze, warm, not humid.. I could do this until October
  9. AmyB

    Unofficial Start to Summer Banter

    i've found a couple sweet gems, but i've been accused of being stuck in a decade several times in my life.. I'm ok with this.. i'm happy and not bothering anyone except everyone I drive past with my car windows down i've heard this before, and fat squirrels means a big winter is coming.. it doesn't always hold true but when I see either of those i feel this:
  10. AmyB

    Unofficial Start to Summer Banter

    oh, i haven't seen that since i was a kid, no wonder! i'm going to have to re-watch that so i understand it! thanks! i love me some 80's movies.. it was the beginning of the end of good stories.. everything now is a remake/reboot and well, i'm just not into it.. i like to be told an original story.. haven't "felt" a movie in a while.. if Lord of the Rings counts, i suppose.. but nothing like the movies back in the day
  11. AmyB

    Unofficial Start to Summer Banter

    please post the pics, I'd love to see them.. i'm going to enjoy the show from my backyard.. it gets pretty dark here and there's not too much tree cover so I should have an excellent view of a decent portion.. i'm stoked!!! and i like the turn this thread took here, even if i have NO clue what it's referencing!
  12. AmyB

    Unofficial Start to Summer Banter

    Peak of Perseid soon, can't wait.. There are two bats that fly a large circle around my house every night at this time.. August is solid, best month of the summer.. the sunsets lately have been phenomenal
  13. sorry, i didn't forget y'all, been busy trying to stay active.. and i realized it's a discussion thread and feel guilty but oh well.. i'll derail for one last post! it would be a nightmare.. there's been a few weak tornadoes in the city in the past, hasn't there? i thought there was one a couple years back, i'll go read up on that shortly.. it was a sight.. and there are far too many people here in Rockland alone, it would be an absolute disaster if it ever happened in this county alone! i'm slowly warming up to it.. it's pretty, not as pretty as Orange county, but man.. too many people here.. I thought you were in a decent spot, think you got a few more storms out your way than out this way, last summer at least.. it's been awesome lately, much cooler but way better for enjoying outdoor stuff.. I've been working on the bushes outside and not dying in the process.. it could stay this way for the rest of August and I'd be ok with that..
  14. ain't that the story of the weather lovers life though? i sat there in shock! the videos, pics, it was unreal! i did live there in 2011, the Monson tornado.. it was a site and a feeling that will never leave me. when you see large pieces of steel wrapped firmly around trees, slate tile rooves on the ground, children's toys on the sidewalk near sparking wires.. the entire steeple of a church in shambles on the ground.. the feeling of wanting to do something for all of those people and feeling absolutely helpless at the same time was overwhelming.. that one storm was all i needed to tell me i hit on a spot that's going to roll me once or twice a year at least.. the trick is being right between these mountains.. definitely don't have that ocean influence that i used to back home or the curse of being at the bottom of the worcester hills here! Orange county cashes in pretty often, I see storms just park right over that border and not move.. it's awesome to see.. weather is definitely more interesting here than in Massachusetts.. RI, though, that's where this nerd got to nerdin'.. it was out of fear that I got into watching weather as a kid.. I had to learn when there were going to be storms so I could brace myself for them at night! Petrified!! I lived in northern RI, not where they had all the weather today.. always had lots of snow, heavy storms and the occasional tropical storms/hurricane would come by..
  15. it's funny you all say that about the constant lightning.. I lived in New England my whole life and never saw constant lightning until moving to NY.. there was a midnight storm last summer that had me terrified.. i wanted to move back home to NE.. there was a large trio of arbor vitaes against the house when we bought it.. we had them removed last month so we don't have to repair the gutters every time the wind blows.. it's been relatively calm for storms here this year though.. last year i saw hail three times.. pea sized mostly, but i might have see that back in NE three times in my whole life there