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  1. We rented a beach house on the water there in Milford to start next Friday.
  2. Our summer plans having changed like four times, we just the other day booked a house on the water in Milford starting next Friday. Hoping the flooding does not materialize.
  3. you have to define "terrible" on this board. Has dual meanings.
  4. Edit: Sidewalks and cross streets are getting slushy covering.
  5. Heavy snow persists on UWS. Covering cars now from what I can see.
  6. Definitely has the feel of one of those March snow squalls. Heavy, wet... not sticking to anything.
  7. What an absolutely sublime evening out there. Just did a walk in Central Park to look for the Snowy Owl as dusk set in. He didn't show (yet) but we were treated with magical snow globe snow that kept picking up in intensity. I had my big camera and got a few shots, but here are some from the phone.
  8. It's a mix here - fat, slow flakes and sleet (can hear it hitting air conditioner).
  9. Mod/heavy snow, but pingers are mixing in on the UWS of Manhattan.
  10. The small one lane service road along Riverside Drive was bare/blacktop... the main four lane road was snow-covered.
  11. Another perfect morning in NYC. Did a short dog walk at 9:00 and Riverside Drive (the main road) was already snow-covered.
  12. Not to take us down memory lane, but that remains my #1 weather event because we had the fortune to drive through the height of that going from MA to FL for Christmas. We were in a 4WD GMC Suburban... picked up some people stranded on the side of the road on I-95 in NC.
  13. We nearly lost our minds during the winter of 10-11 in Boston when we had 72" in six weeks and we had a 2 year-old. Sprung for a garage spot in advance of the next winter (11-12) Carless in Manhattan near a park is the way to enjoy it now. Let it keep piling up.
  14. I put this together at the end of December - if anyone wants to sort across all the months.
  15. Seems low to me and I find I’m usually conservative. I measured 5” on a trash can lid about 1:15.
  16. That’s really hard to believe. I walked outside for 30 minutes on the UWS about 11:30 and there was about 3” on railings, benches and cars. Even some streets had 2” on the pavement.
  17. Would guess it’s approaching 5”. Was a healthy 3+ around me over an hour ago.
  18. That’s the fish stand at the farmers market by Columbia. Outdoor dining was shut down today
  19. Stunner out. Sticking to everything. Over 3” is my guesstimate.
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