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  1. La Niña. Book it. It’s a tendency right now. I always go with persistence. The southern drought tells me so.
  2. Griteater, I like your thinking. For your sake i hope it verifies. For mine, I hope it doesn’t. It would mean three torch winters in a row. Something I’ve never seen before. Good luck.
  3. Yep. 2015 was a Hail Mary. Hoping the amo switch will give us more like it. You know that's a hell of a good idea. Had a storm come through last year with very fast moving shelf and roll clouds and impressive lightning. A go pro running as I drove towards it would have been great.
  4. My masters in Statistics. I love it. I'm a masochist I guess. I have one in Biology and BSs in both bio and chem. what PhD are you seeking? You're a braver man than me. I turned down med school 18 years ago.
  5. Well, that truthfully makes me feel better. Not enough to get a Davis weather station, but hopeful. incidentally, you in the STAT department at TAMU? I'm working my masters.
  6. Well, climo is working against us. The cfs and cansips are ghastly. I got nothin. We sit at 11 freezes at DFW. We technically have about 6 weeks to get three freezes but i see nothing hopeful. 14 is the fewest. be afraid. Be very afraid.
  7. Yep! Actually a small system and then two storms where we got 6" in each of em. You were so upbeat and I had already buried the winter.
  8. 09-10 was awesome. I'd take it. Low solar too. I expect blocking to improve next year. as for this year, killdeer are here in force. That is pretty much a tombstone for us.
  9. Looks like a fast mover. What I wouldn't give for some blocking.