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  1. Stealth Moses Operandi

  2. I think it's a pretty good bet there will be high latitude blocking. -QBO. Coming out of a solar minimum. IO looking good. I'm hopeful. Not sure I want it after the disaster with the power grid last winter.
  3. We can't even get them on the phone. Turns out we made an error in 2017 and they've been taking it out of my wife's check. No notice or anything. People notice when they're missing 2k on a check or ten.
  4. How much snow does this mean IMBY?
  5. Moderating ITT is absurd. Carry on.
  6. Let’s be honest: if we lose a few of these nimrods we’ll all be better off.
  7. Tranq guns and vaccines. That’s how you fix stupid.
  8. Congrats! Make sure you invite a certain diabetic nimrod from Michigan to the party. seriously congrats. I am big time Jelly. I have about another 8 years at least.
  9. Or you know, the sensible one where they were studying the virus and it got out.
  10. You are correct. It is Tinker's Dam. An Irish saying related to a Tinker scam.
  11. You mean facts instead of dangerous misinformation?
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