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  1. Going to be hot here in Salter Path as well. That's why I had them put in an ocean out back. Pricey, but worth it when it heats up. My station in Yancey Co. says it's 66.9. Can that be right?
  2. Light Snow Temp - 34.6 Wind - [email protected]/G17
  3. This storm has been far less impressive than I thought it was going to be. Mountains chewed it up. Only .19 inches of rain and a little breezy and that's it. Maybe some redevelopment later? I want to hear some noise.
  4. Light snow Temp - 27.3 Wind - 21/G31
  5. We got lucky being under that single band for a couple of hours. I ended up with right at 3 inches.
  6. Same here. Very pretty snow. Not much wind yet. Reminds me of winter!
  7. Low Temp - 23.5 Wind - [email protected] Skies - Clear Ground - Frozen mud
  8. Zero percent chance of rain today. It's raining. I'm so sick of rain.
  9. Had a half inch overnight and another half with a burst around mid-morning. A slow rise in temps today to a high right now of 36.2. I only need another half to reach 40 for the year. The big storm coming the first week of April should put me over 50.
  10. I agree. But... there's another one coming in a little while. If we knew how they were going turn out it would really suck. I hope we never know for sure.
  11. WWA issued for us up this way. At least it's a little something. ...WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY IN EFFECT FROM MIDNIGHT TONIGHT TO 1 PM EST FRIDAY... * WHAT...Mixed precipitation expected. Total snow accumulations of half an inch to one and a half inches and ice accumulations of a light glaze expected. * WHERE...Portions of western North Carolina. * WHEN...Light precipitation will develop after midnight tonight and should change to all rain by 1 PM EST Friday. * ADDITIONAL DETAILS...Plan on slippery road conditions. The hazardous conditions could impact the morning commute.
  12. Had a low of 6.6 here and had a gust of 33 at that time. Puts the wind chill at about -18. Bright sunshine now.
  13. Already down to 18.9 and breezy. Going to be a three dog night for sure. Add in some flurries and it'll feel like it's supposed to. Anyone have any thoughts about Thurs night/Fri morning?
  14. Light snow pretty much all day. It didn't really amount to anything but it was nice to have a winter day. Had a daytime high of 22.5, back down to 16.7 now. Looks like a chilly few days before it warms up this weekend and rains. What a winter!
  15. About a half inch here with 19.5 degrees and a wicked wind. Wonder if this will be the last time we see snow this year. I'm about half of my yearly average snowfall. This winter has been pretty dismal, to say the least.