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  1. Front is coming through here. Winds sustained at 22 with gusts to 32. Drizzly and the temps are slowly falling. Raw night.
  2. Hi Folks. Moved back last weekend and have been cruising around this week. From Grandfather to Roan to Mitchell and the color has been very average. When the valleys change maybe it'll be better but not too impressed now. Jeff, if the conditions are decent the slopes will be insanely crowded even on Christmas Day. Was a great summer on the coast. Never got too hot, no canes, and the fishing and golf were incredible. Looking forward to the cool shot. Time to get into snow mode. First flakes will be Nov. 19 at 7:12 pm.
  3. I came back home for a week to manage some renovations and was reminded why I hate the mountains in the spring. Cold, wet, damp, windy, foggy, cloudy, dark, gloomy, sloppy, miserable, etc, etc, etc. I remember as a kid thinking when it was March that we had another 2 to 3 months of horrible weather. Granted, I'm one that loves snow but not so much cold and dreary. It hasn't been a particularly warm spring on the coast but at least you can go outside without a sweatshirt, jacket, umbrella, boots, etc.
  4. Had a little storm here. A couple of claps and then it was over. We went to Burnsville to grab a bite for lunch and came out and the car was already turning yellow. Pollen has really ramped up in the last few days.
  5. Heaviest shower of the day. Things have dusted up nicely. It's 22.3 and breezy. This is probably the last of the season and it was a good way to end. I enjoyed today.
  6. Had a dusting this morning and light showers today that are continuing. I had a high of 27.8 with a 20 knot wind. Winter came back.
  7. I had 1.02 inches of rain from that storm in 17 minutes and a gust of 47. Frog strangler!
  8. I agree. I've got a small creek about to hop it's banks on the lower part of my driveway. I've had almost 3 inches (2.79") so far. A lot of that in the last 4 hours.
  9. Not me. I'm out of town for a couple of weeks. Doesn't surprise me though. A man a few years ago burnt down his barn because he was "getting rid of the extra hay and thought burning it would be faster than shoveling it out." Edit - Meant to quote Bucket.
  10. ....... This Hazardous Weather Outlook is for the northern mountains of western North Carolina. .DAY ONE...Today and tonight. Isolated thunderstorms will develop across the northern mountains this afternoon. The main threats with these thunderstorms will be occasional cloud-to-ground lightning and locally heavy rainfall. .DAYS TWO THROUGH SEVEN...Sunday through Friday. Heavy rain showers are expected to develop on Sunday night and linger into Monday morning as a cold front crosses the region. The rain could be sufficient for isolated, minor flooding to develop in some locations.
  11. I've had snowflakes today, a little sleet, but mostly a ton of rain (1.22). The mud is back with a vengeance. The rain we've had this winter is about enough to make the decent snow totals moot. My other tab is open to a VRBO site. I can't stand it anymore.
  12. From Ray's Weather Center: ..... Backwash moisture on a northwest flow contributes to flurries or scattered snow showers, especially tonight, though anytime during the day is fair game. Anybody know what he's talking about?
  13. What a poke in the eye it would be if we get a dusting of snow tonight.
  14. Had a light glaze on the deck this morning but temps are rising fast. I'm now above freezing at 32.9 so the treat is over here. Dodged a bullet for sure.
  15. A sloppy mix here too. That warm nose better hurry and get here or this might get ugly quick. I can already see it freezing on the deck rail.
  16. You might want to think about getting back over the mountain. Do you ever catch one? Down another .4 to 26.5. DP is running around 21.
  17. You might be onto something. My temp is still slowly dropping. Down to 26.9. I rarely ever benefit much from CAD, temp wise. But, then again, I have no clue what to think about this storm.
  18. Just slipped into the twenties here (29.3). I don't like this one bit.
  19. I'd take this in a heartbeat. But the way the models are now a days it could be sunny and 60 degrees. Hopefully we'll get some clarity by Wednesday afternoon.
  20. Something tells me we're going to have a wet, cold, windy, miserable April. I hate that worst of all. Tried to take a little hike on some trails around the house today and it was horrible. I sank half way up my boots in mud a lot of places. This is the time of year that if it's not going to snow then I wish it would dry out for awhile.
  21. Had 4 here. Would still like a "bigun' in the last two weeks of Feb. I think we'll pull it off.
  22. I've got 3+ now and I'm hoping that backwash will give me another 3 to hit the goal. But now I must give the ole' liver it's beauty rest for the festivities tomorrow. Good luck to all!
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