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  1. Very light snow here but the flakes are really big. 36 degrees/26 degrees dew point
  2. I was surprised to wake up to a dusting. That was nice. The wind last night was crazy; still is. Sounds like someone is whistling outside. This has been a particularly windy winter.
  3. I don’t really think I’ll get much in my neck of the woods but I hope y’all on the border get some accumulation! I have a question - what model do you think handles NW flow events the best?
  4. This is an nws map and event summary
  5. I wonder if this is going to be like January 31 when it quite literally snowed around me here in Cruso.
  6. I was ready to give up on snow this year so I am happy with the inch or two we got. It’s still lightly snowing and it’s beautiful.
  7. Hello - thought I would add to the reports. I’m in Cruso, Haywood County at about 3200 feet. Started flurrying about 1 1/2 hours ago but it’s starting to pick up now.
  8. Hi - can you answer a question please? I read that temperatures are running around 3 degrees colder In the Midwest than what nam/gfs is showing. Is there any truth to that and does it affect us at all? I should know better than to post right before a model run; I think my question got lost in the main event topic. But since I am in Haywood maybe better to post in here anyways?
  9. Hi all - I normally don’t post and just observe but I saw someone on twitter say that temps in the Midwest are 3 degrees colder than what the nam/gfs shows. Is there any truth/importance to that? I trust all of your input way more than those on twitter. Thank you in advance for answering my question.
  10. It’s a really useful packet. I think all the offices do it? I only found it because I like to click around sites obsessively normally I’m just a reader on here but thought I could help by replying with the link.
  11. The snow total map is from GSP weather briefing. You can access it here. They put it out in the morning and evening, sometimes midday if warranted.