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  1. everything but roads getting covered. a great relief to not end the winter w/o more than a trace.
  2. snowing again. really weird that it went from rain to sleet to snow to sleet/snow to sleet/rain and now back to snow.
  3. Absolutely puking snow. All roads covered that I can see. Picked up about an inch so far.
  4. cartops and most shaded blacktops have a dusting. Intensity has picked up and most of the sleet has mixed out to make way for snow.
  5. Sleet changed to snow on the Chatham/Wake line.
  6. The battle lines have been drawn on the wake/chatham border in Cary. Sleet started around 830, but now fat flakes mixing back in and the ceiling looks to have lowered dramatically.
  7. 6.5 in Cary. switched over to sleet. Saw reports of 8 in N. Raleigh near 540 and almost zilch in the south of town.
  8. Not going outside just yet, but I'd say we have 4-5" here right now. If this keeps up, power outages are likely. Snow is sticking quite effectively to the trees
  9. I can go to sleep. Light snow falling in Western Wake in Cary. At least it is starting as snow.
  10. That cam is a thing of beauty right. Absolutely ripping for them especially when the gusts pick up.
  11. How did FV3 handle that NE Nov snow recently?
  12. So the split PV is no longer going west to east?