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  1. of course I'm on vacation in Cancun and I'm following the weather anyway. Crazy I know. I live in Ramseur and still wanting snow when I'm not even there.
  2. Can does still look icy but shifted the general Icy pattern West. Makes a big difference for some of us.
  3. So in other words, the blockbuster the Euro showed at 12z evaperated faster than an once of water in the Sahara.
  4. Still light snow in Asheboro and its past noon in April! We have a dusting now.
  5. It looks like the moisture is just a little too late for the NC triad and triangle areas. I may luck out being in the SE triad but I doubt it.
  6. Don't look at the Euro if you want to see snow. Seeing a bad trend here. Hopefully just the usual bouncing around still and not settled in. We need the first wave flat and supressed. Right now its looking more amplified and that kills the 2nd as well.
  7. This has to be the worst Jan and Feb I have ever seen. It especially hurt because everyone was going very cold and the piece of junk Euro weeklies were confirming that until mid Jan or so.
  8. last week the models were showing highs in the teens and lows of 0 for piedmont areas. This winter stinks. When the mojo started back in the bad phases and the -nao vanished as always, the whole outlook has been ruined to atleast Feb 15th and then we have lousy sun angle problems. I hate march snow and hot pavement. It all liquifies fast.
  9. picked up 2 inches here this morning NE Randolph couny. Awesome big flakes for awhile. winding down now.
  10. snowing pretty heavy at the moment in NE Randolph County/ Southern triad area.
  11. snowing here in Ramseur NC this morning.
  12. I have 5 inches of snow/sleet here in ne Randolph county. I am right on the line inbetween the good stuff toward Greensboro and the big 0 25 miles below me. Looked better last night the NWS had me in the 8-10 band but could be worse for sure. I feel bad for the upstate SC, Se Charlotte and Moore county folks were also supposed to get a lot more and got warmed nosed worse than me. Praying the zr stays away. Heavy pingers now.
  13. how were the 6z ensembles? I think there still relevant another day or so
  14. Oh well. Just when the GFS comes colder/south the GEFS go North Afraid the 6z GFS will follow North next but who knows?