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  1. The experts were very wrong last night when they had the wind staying at 150 mph when leaving Cuba. I would say they only have an educated guess at best. Irma will do as she pleases.
  2. Perfect weather in mt Rest SC. Last minute scramble from the mountains.
  3. I know we all need some rain and all but I hope this pattern if over before the eclipse on the 21st. Seeing the above makes me nervous.
  4. I'm going to this event in the mountains and staying near by. I plan to have an alternate place to go in case the mountains are stuck in the clouds and the lowlands are free. The cloud cover is the biggest thing I worry about. http://www.sapphirevalley.com/total-solar-eclipse.html
  5. I don't know if I believe that map. I always thought developing nino meant more summer rain and cooler temps in general of course.
  6. Sleet and rain Mix in Randolph county this morning. I call that a win. Interested in the pics from mt Pocono later. Maybe I can do that someday.
  7. I know some of you are still doing great with the snow but the cc line keeps moving NW and is approaching Guilford and already in Alamance County. Way farther than I thought it was suppose to. I guess its a sleetfest for Randolph county. The NWS still had me in there 10" graphic a 1 am. no way unless it continues all day tomorrow.
  8. Man I am wasting my best precip of the night on sleet. I guess I shouldn't be surprised but this storm was forecast to be so much colder for all of us. Just a few days ago I was on the northern edge of the system. the NW trend never fails I guess.
  9. man, that transition line is even back on me in the Southern triad. a few pingers back now. Move that line SE for all of us.
  10. Not Burns but pretty much the same here in Ramseur now. Was mostly sleet but now mixing with some snow finally. Going to be hard especially here in the eastern part of the county to fight off the pingers though. hopefully the latest models are right but I'm sweating it for sure
  11. Yeah, I thought more digging of the shortwave in the SW was a good thing. Weird how now the nam and rgem seem worse. Hopefully just too many things going on for them to properly place the low off the gulf as others mentioned.
  12. Nice to hear the ukmet wasn't a disaster. I usually believe the NW trend but I was really feeling like us in the upper SE were going to be smelling the snow to our south.
  13. Thanks for the great update!
  14. It the typical lose the storm 5 days away. It will be back! LoL
  15. Haven't kept up with the latest models. Someone said the low track shifted south. Is it still suppose to warm up before the main batch? I have 0 precip so far.