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  1. It's a scary thing man. I really hope more people take it seriously. What's the harm in being over precautious? I know I'm being over precautious but what's so bad about it? Stay home, watch tv, movies, play video games/board games, spend time with my fiancé, my son, my dogs. Not too hard of a thing to do to try and keep everyone safe. I know a few people who have tested positive too, 2 of them are doing better but one of them is doing worse and she's not that old (woman in her 50s with no real underlying health conditions). Sending good vibes your way for your friend and his family man and hopefully they all make a speedy recovery.
  2. Maybe now all these people screaming its no worse then the flu will stop with their non sense.
  3. My neighbors had a huge party last night. 1 am they were having a bonfire with probably 25-30 people and no one was social distancing what so ever. Most young people couldn’t care less about this. Sad but true.
  4. Some pretty intense winds here but I don’t think it gusted much over 50-55mph. Some lightning and thunder but nothing crazy. Bust just like this winter lol.
  5. Severe Thunderstorm Warning and it’s huge !! takes up a good part of Niagara, Erie, Chautauqua, and Cattaraugus counties!
  6. It’s been sunny here for a couple hours and not many clouds in the sky.
  7. Definitley scary as it seems like the plan is to get people back to work after they have “recovered” which could be dangerous to any people working who haven’t yet had the virus...
  8. Almost 100 new cases in Erie county confirmed today, even with extreme limited testing. 89 new cases today (an increase of 30%). Up to 310 total cases in Erie County. Also another death in the County, woman in her 40s. Also over 300 U.S. deaths for the first time today, up to 312 deaths today. edit (10pm) page just updated before switching over to tomorrow’s Numbers (March 28), deaths just skyrocketed to 400 in the US. So not only did we reach our first 300 death day but we hit our first 400 death day
  9. First time over 300 daily deaths in the U.S. Up to 312 today
  10. Agreed and not sure Italy is even peaking and their deaths are still rising. They may be at testing capacity so the number of cases is staying steady state as they are only testing the relative same number of cases each day where if they tested more each day they would find a further increase in positive cases.
  11. That and they are finally getting more testing there combined with the fact all the big time partiers were down south for spring break (ex. N.O. , Florida Beaches)
  12. Cases are steady but those deaths are definitley a new high for them. Very sad. I think with extremely limited testing all over (even probably including NYC relative to their population) were going to see an Italy trend here in the US were the daily cases may reach a certain point and kind of level off in a range due to a testing capacity where we are unable to test beyond a certain point thus not able to see the number of cases still increase. Meanwhile deaths will keep rising as deaths don’t really have much correlation with testing (unless they’re testing in the hospital after they’ve arrived with symptoms even if they came in with no test prior to being admitted). Hopefully I am wrong but just don’t see how this is even close to peaking here.
  13. From someone in the central PA thread. This is part of my anger with lack of testing. “I just read on my twitter feed a person who's friend that was 25 died from COVID-19 and they said how walking a little made them feel like they ran a mile. They ended up dying after being denied testing and not considered a priority because they didn't meet the criteria for testing despite having every single symptom and being extremely sick. The people said they couldn't prove they were around someone that had Covid so they were denied. Extremely sad. Keep an eye on your family member. This 25 yo went into cardiac arrest after not getting to a hospital after 2 weeks. People who are young think they're invincible from this but I'm young and pretty worried. Well tbh I'm petrified of giving this to my parents or grandparents.“
  14. Cases are beginning to skyrocket in Erie County and that’s even with extremely limited testing. Up to 221 cases and now up to 5 deaths. We were at 1 death in the county this morning. Buffalo Police Officer also in critical condition in a medically induced coma.County executive said today there were 31 hospitalizations when there were only 146 cases so we’re likely over 50 hospitalizations in Erie county. This is getting scary fast.