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  1. Oh forgot to mention with low cloud cover and fresh snow cover. Temp is down to 3 degrees here. Lowest temp of the season for me so far.
  2. Don’t look now but the 06z Goofus looks a lot more like the 00z Canadian. GFS has about 6-10” for most of us, while the Canadian is more like 8-16”, not that a trust either at this time range but at least it’s a step in the right direction and something to watch within about a weeks timeframe.
  3. I had a little over 5” from the synoptic snow and it was pure concrete especially once the rain fell on top of it and it all froze overnight into a solid glacier. Added 2.5” of straight fluff throughout the day today with snow falling of various intensity throughout almost the entire day. The most wintry it’s felt since the middle of November. Combine that with football Championship games and a beautiful fire going and today has been a beautiful day, now if only Green Bay wasn’t getting destroyed... This is all at my new house in Amherst as I am no longer in West Seneca. I assume they had similar to SB Steve if not a little bit less being a little further south during yesterday’s event.
  4. 4.4” and dumping in Kenmore still. Might hit 6” after all before changeover
  5. Yes they are still hiring. The benefits are unreal. Big reason I left my job of 6 years. I used to think postal workers wouldn’t have a job but after seeing how much mail there still is even in 2020 there’s no way that’s happening anytime soon. The post office is trying more to focus on parcel delivery due to the volume of mail still decreasing over time. From Thanksgiving to Christmas I was averaging 200-300 packages today on top of my mail which was also heavier with people still sending Christmas cards even if it’s 2020 and it seems people only email/text/ Facebook everything now a days.
  6. About 3” down in Kenmore and still dumping straight snow no mix and C.C. Looks like the taint line is staying put or even retreating south a tad south over the Southtowns. This may be one where Hamburg sees 1”, West Seneca 2-3” , and Amherst 5-6”.
  7. No way we hit 6 but about 2” of snow in Kenmore where I’m delivering today and it’s ripping pretty good. Switched to sleet for about 1/2 hr but has switched back to all snow for the last hour. C.C. Looks like the mix line has retreated back to the lakeshore/Southtowns and south for now. Wonder how long before it comes back north .
  8. Yup seeing mPing reports of ZR bear the Erie County PA/Chautauqua County NY border. Not a good sign to see mixing already if you want snow. Going for 1-2” max here now with a changeover possible almost right from the start. The winter of 19-20 lives on!
  9. Looks like it’s already starting off as mixed precipitation down in Chautauqua county right from the get go according to C.C. Hopefully it’s wrong but would love to know if anyone has any ground reports from down there what it’s doing considering it’s supposed to be snow until at least early afternoon, and if it’s starting as mixed precipitation from the get go at 7 am that doesn’t bode well for us especially here in BUF.
  10. I still think we mix for a while. Initial thump of 2-3 inches then we switch over to a mix for a bit then back to snow for another 2-3” once that secondary does take over and winds flip NW. sometimes those backside lake effect/lake enhanced can surprise especially north of Buffalo but I wouldn’t count on more than 3-6” total for the Niagara Frontier. I could see 6-12” over the hills though with much more lake effect/enhancement on the backside with better ratios too.
  11. I’ve never heard winds roar so loud in my life. I bet there were some hurricane force gust here in the last couple hours. Constant things slamming the house. It’s honestly scary.
  12. Euro goes right over BUF. Keeps everything all liquid for everyone except maybe Plattsburgh Pauly. This ones toast.
  13. The dude had almost 400 total yards and a TD.... stop putting all the blame on Allen. Did you not see the collapse by the defense in the entire 2nd half? Josh played far from perfect and made some boneheaded plays but you people criticizing him like he’s EJ Manuel is ridiculous. Dude gives it his all each and every game and yes sometimes it can cost us (that fumble that led to the HOU FG) but I’d take him over 75% of the QB out there right now. He needs a few more pieces around him next year and I guarantee Josh will be much better.
  14. Been snow here since about 515 but only a dusting as temps are still too warm at 33 degrees and it’s not coming down heavy really, just steady. Would be surprised if we finish we more than an inch as the back edge will be through here in the next 1-2 hours.