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  1. Obviously it’s the GFS at long range but each run keeps lessening any cold shot more and more, and each run is looking like whatever “cold” shot we get is going to be very transient with a huge warm up at the end of the run with 850mb temps of +15c to start November and looking like ridging setting up in the East and troughiness setting up in the West again.... If we make into November with these big warm ups and that stupid one eyed pig over AK you can expect things to not change much for the winter.
  2. 33 here with a pretty heavy frost.
  3. 12z looks cold with flakes to Tallahassee lmfao !
  4. Only list power here for 45 minutes. Think the gust were between 50-55mph here. Couple small branches down around, nothing too serious from what I can see. Looking ahead hoping that after this weekend we start to cool down for a while, at least down to average which at this point would feel pretty chilly when we're spending weekends at 75-80. Anyone want to guess when KBUF, KROC, KSYR, KALB, KBGM will see their first flakes? Ill say KBUF:10/26 KROC:10/26 KSYR:10/26 KBGM:10/27 KALB: 11/03
  5. If we can establish a -NAO , that’s when we can have our coldest temperatures statistically. Weak La Niña and - NAO have produced our coldest of outbreaks. On the the flip side if we can’t establish a -NAO and keep a + NAO things may look pretty toasty, not as bad as super El Niño a few years ago but weak Niña’s and + NAO are not a good combo...
  6. 50 or so if I had to guess . Winds always gonna seem stronger than they are when the trees still have leaves on them. Once the trees loose there leaves 50 mph is barely noticable.
  7. Winds were just insane here. Power just went out about 45 seconds ago. First time since I’ve moved here we lost power.
  8. Nasty nasty line moving in from West Seneca to North Tonawanda. 60mph gust for sure. About to eat smacked!
  9. I can’t believe it’s been 11 years, holy smokes. I remember it like it was yesterday. Certainly don’t think we’ll ever see a storm like that again in our lifetimes.
  10. Yeah that final push of rain really added up quick here. Finished with 1.44” . Not bad. Spot on by the models.
  11. Would be about average to slightly above average temps and a good deal above average precipitation? If so sign me up!
  12. Only 0.65” in the gauge here... we’ll be lucky if we get reach 1” total as the back edge of the rain looks like it’ll be here within a couple hours. Just to our west over the Niagara Peninsula they’ll have no problem hitting 2”. Looks like models were just about right on, perhaps a tiny bit too far east.
  13. Funny for the last couple days it looked like the heaviest rain was going to be to the east of Buffalo (more towards your area). Now it looks like the heaviest will fall just to our west however even Buffalo looks to get a solid 1-2”. If we get more than 2” we could start having some flooding problem but less than that should be a welcome drink.
  14. When don't they go cold and snowy for the northeast?
  15. Also hit 32 here this morning with widespread frost on everything... roofs, grass, cars, pumpkins. Had to scrape the windshield this morning as well.