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  1. Especially not over the Niagara Frontier where the stiff SW winds over the 50 degree lake will all but kill any kind of impressive convection. Best chance at something is over the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes over towards Cuse.
  2. My daughter was born on Sunday. Healthy girl 6 lb 8 oz. Brought her home from the hospital today in what may be one of the hottest days of the year lol (hit 94 here). This just 2 weeks after a day it snowed in heavy squalls that accumulated throughout the day. Excited to have another little one to share my weather obsession with when she gets older!
  3. 0.81” here in the bucket since midnight. Yards a swamp again.
  4. I like watching the overall positive percentage rate to see if it goes up or down. Since they first started doing the antibody test here the percentage positive has been dropping from 13% to under 8% total now. It gives a better idea the more test that are done on how much of the population has been exposed. The bigger the sample size the more accurate the data as you likely get a better picture of the overall rather than the people who know they were sick getting a test done to confirm their suspicions thus driving up the percentage of positive.
  5. What are the results of the test percentage wise? I know we were at 7.8% positive a couple weeks ago.
  6. It could just be my own foggy memory but it seems like this is a common thing the last several years. Almost no spring, we go right from snow to 80s in 2 weeks. Maybe it’s because the last several years it seems we’ve had really crummy springs that have been well below normal so by the time the pattern flips we’re already getting close to summer solstice (1 month away right now).
  7. I definitely can’t see people working out wearing masks. They feel restrictive to most people. Who wants to wear that while working out? I could see a temp check at the door and sanitizing wipes to wipe down equipment in between use, but on a personal preference level, like the shopping cart wipes when you go into a grocery store.
  8. That’s that guidelines from the CDC based on the incubation period from the virus so that if we open things up tomorrow and in 2 weeks we haven’t seen a noticeable increase in hospitalizations or cases relative to test than we know we’re okay to proceed to the next phase. Cuomo did say theoretically it could be quicker in between periods if there’s still a strong decline over the period after each phase is open so I’m assuming if we still show a strong decline in cases/hospitalizations over 10 days there’s a chance we could move to the next phase sooner than the full 14 days.
  9. Cuomo just announced from Roswell Park WNY has met the contact tracer metric and WNY is opening phase 1 tomorrow! He also said they will be opening up NYS to sports with no fans allowed. Sounds like there will be an NFL season but with no fans. Would be weird as heck with no fans but better than no football. However with Buffalo sports luck we will win the division for the first time since 1995 and then have a home playoff game for the first time in 25 years and no fans will be allowed lmao.
  10. It doesn’t really matter to me either way. I’m still taking every precaution and will be extra cautious until after my daughter is born (due in 3 weeks and she can build up somewhat of an immune system (6 months +). Am glad for the majority of people though who don’t have a year + worth of savings and need to work just to pay rent/mortgage. There’s no doubt that we must be strategic and thoughtful as were reopening but I do think now is the right time as we have seen a steady decrease all of NYS the last several weeks including WNY the past 2 weeks (save from a 2 or 3 day little “blip”). Will be interesting to see if infections increase as we open, level off, or continue to decrease as they have been.
  11. Stupid, when we only had 4 or 5/7 they contract tracing category was listed as “expected” instead of a green or read check mark but counted as one of the 4 or 5 “green checks”. Now that we’re meeting all the other criteria the contact tracing category still says “expected” but counts as a red “x” instead of a green check. So technically I guess we still only have reached 6/7 metrics but not sure why that is when the expected contact tracing capacity was counting as a metric that was “good to go” but is now the only thing holding us back.
  12. WNY hit all 7. They used stipulation in the metrics instead of 14 day decline in hospitalizations we met it using the criteria of 3 day rolling average less than 15 new hospitalizations today. Not sure when we are actually going to begin phase 1 but according to Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz we have met all 7 criteria needed to reopen.
  13. 06z GFS would bring historic flooding to BUF verbatim. 7” and counting ... this on an already saturated ground. Obviously highly unlikley we get that much but I don’t think I have ever seen that much QPF modeled before. 6” of this falls in like 24-36 hours.