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  1. Still snowing in West Seneca(albeit ighter now). Up to 17.1” since noon on Sunday... 6” in 3 hours fell at one point between around 6-9pm. Orchard Park and Hamburg have to have 3 feet by now. the gradient with this one is astounding reminding me of 2010,2014 (although obviously not as heavy as 2014). Drive 2 miles to my north and there’s 6”, Drive 2 miles to my south and there’s 28”...
  2. OSU or anyone else are those meso lows or gravity waves over the lake?
  3. Hamburg and Orchard Park are getting absolutely destroyed...
  4. What a game. They had to win for all the fans that sat through that game. Glad to see it. Would you believe the sun is peaking through the clouds here?
  5. Is that from now? Snow is completely over here. Landed up aroujd 6”. How much do you have on the ground? Gotta be over 2 feet with all the events you’ve cashed in on in the last 5 days.
  6. Eh maybe for you, flurries here with the sky brightening rapidly. think we’re done with the accumulating snow here.
  7. Ya band looks like crap last few frames, don’t know how much Hamburg and Orchard Park have picked up but I’m around 5” so there’s no way unless that band gets its act together quickly that anyone is seeing 18-24” that BUF if calling for on their map. Light snow with tiny flakes here so unless things change we’ll be hard pressed to see 6” from this.
  8. And back to flurries once again. We just can’t win here. Congrats to Hamburg and Orchard Park once again. Must be nice to have 2’ + in the last few days while we try to scrape up 6”.
  9. Nope snow letting up to light as I’m right in the middle of the double bands! Never fails!
  10. Several cracks of thunder with snow picking up somewhat...
  11. Nothing worse then watching the Bills game literally 4 miles to my south absolutely puke snow while I look at scattered flurries coming down.
  12. Can see the band is re setting itself up just to my south. Literally within 2 miles. Down to just flurries here in West Seneca. That band looks to have halted its northward progress, of course. Signs of the secondary band starting to set up north of the city as well, so right on schedule the screw zone is setting up in the same spot as the last several events.
  13. Trust me when I tell you right now it will be right over South Buffalo and West Seneca. Same areas that have been getting hit will continue to get hit, areas that got nothing will continue to get nothing. Man I need to find a new house lol.
  14. Getting some snow in West Seneca, but nothing even close to that. Not even close to what it looks like at the stadium. So sick of being just too far north, and as someone mentioned earlier can see the double banded structure starting to take shape on radar and with the luck we’ve had here in the last 5 days there will be one band smacking the northtowns and one band raking less than 5 miles to my south over the stadium. We just can’t catch a break in South Buffalo/WS/Lancaster...
  15. That map is so overdone south of Buffalo. They are way too broad brushed with their maps. I am not going to see 6-8” from this and neither is the city of Buffalo itself.... I’ll be lucky to see a couple flakes from the lake effect as it looks to initially set up over Hanburg and Orchard Park and then quickly shift south to the Boston Hills then even further south... this pattern has been absolutely horrific for us in Buffalo, Lackawanna, West Seneca, Lancaster... to our north and south several inches (in some cases well over a foot and a half of snow) while we have totally green grass, and this lake effect event looks no different. Then if we’re lucky we might catch a couple inches of 25:1 fluff from that synoptic storm that will go poof as soon as the sun hits it even at 20 degrees... give me sunny and 60 if it’s gonna be like this crap.