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  1. Saw these yesterday when leaving Wegmans by the McKinley Mall. Snapped some pictures myself and my Fiancé was freaking out thinking another Tornado was coming. Everyone in the parking lot were also taking pictures and freaking out. Crazy weather this year for sure. Crazy we're only 10 days from the beginning of meteorological autumn as well. Also crazy to think were only about 2 months away from the beginning of lake effect snow season. By the end of October in the higher elevations/Tug they can definitely start getting some good events, I remember chasing one about 5 years or so ago (end of Oct. 2012?). In the meantime gonna keep enjoying the pleasant summer weather we've been having. Aside from all the rain when it's not raining it's been great. Not overly hot at all and it seems like the least humid summer I can ever remember!
  2. Was actually some nice lake effect rain going on here yesterday morning I was pretty impressed for what it was. Also had the coolest morning in quite a while here in West Seneca. Down to 46F this morning! Autumn is just around the corner now
  3. Ha what a bust. Woke up expecting to see a nice band right near me and wake up to find literally a couple light scattered showers. Oh well.
  4. Unreal, earliest sign to lake effect season I can ever remember, let's hope it's a sign of things to come
  5. NWS has snow in the forecast Sunday, Sunday night, and Monday. Just crazy
  6. Dude that line of storms is absolutely insane, buffalo and surrounding areas are gonna get absolutely destroyed. Holy!
  7. Nearly 2" of rain today in West Seneca. Caz creek is rising FAST.
  8. Or until we get some severe storms lol.
  9. At my job in East Aurora today and there's a good 4" here and we're only at about 1100' elevation. Shows you don't need much in elevation to make a difference. About 1 1/2" at 600' to 4" at 1100'. I bet at 1500-1800' elevation there's a good 6"+
  10. What a disappointment. Same thing as Wolfe. About 1" of white rain on the grass/non paved surfaces. Paved surfaces have a "dusting" of slush on them. Snowing pretty good but I think the snow is too wet to even accumulate efficiently I guess? Sucks.
  11. Dude it's 31 here and absolutely ripping snow! Holy crap! Did not expect this early at only 600' elevation. Grass and cars already have a nice coating and it's coming down hard.
  12. Sounds perfect. Will get to shovel on a Friday and walk around in flip flops by Monday. Nothing wrong with that...
  13. Definitely not totally true. Parts of New England just had a snowstorm last week with 850s of 0 to -1C. All depends on how cold the whole column is. If it's at -1C from 850 down to the surface you snow, unless there's a warm layer above 850...
  14. That would be a heck of an April paste job. Not counting on that but definitely feeling confident for more than a dusting, even at lower elevations.
  15. I think it's interesting now, could it trend warmer still? Sure, but as you said it could trend colder too, and it would only take a degree or two (F) to make the difference between a half inch of slop and 4 or 5". The local mets here are only calling for a sloppy dusting in the BUF metro and lower elevations but I wouldn't be so sure of that yet. All the models look to flip far WNY (lower elevations included) over to snow by 2am or so Friday morning. I think we could pickup a couple inches of slop even here at lower elevations before the April sun puts an end to the accumulations during the daylight hours before things may become a little more orographically enhanced Friday evening in the higher elevations. Find this a pretty interesting and intriguing set up that has a lot of potential, but that potential can definitely work both ways.