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  1. 12z totally flipped the script which lines up much better with the last several runs of the Euro showing well above average heights with a Eastern US ridge setting up towards months end. May need to break out the shorts towards Halloween if the Euro is correct. Probably some nice mid/upper 60s if it pans out. Hope it’s wrong but did not like seeing the GFS totally abandon ship and cave to the consistent Euro.
  2. 29.8 here right now. Growing season should be over with a heavy frost.
  3. Lake band really getting its act together, I don’t remember models really showing this well organized a band of lake effect. Really coming down in West Seneca, really windy too. Definitely feels like fall now!
  4. Great find and great read. Thanks for posting. Would be awesome for something similar to happen in several weeks from now but just because there’s a storm in the WPAC does not mean it’s gonna happen again as this article states. One can hope though!
  5. It’ll come, and it’ll likely be here before we know it. I’m loving this 60-70 degrees and sunshine everyday with mornings starting out in the 40s. Just fantastic!
  6. On the 13th anniversary of the October 13th snowstorm? Sounds perfect lol.
  7. Only thing I can think of was maybe from evaporative cooling as the water evaporated as you were driving around causing whatever moisture was left to freeze? I could be way off though, just a guess lol.
  8. Down to 36 here. By far the coolest of the season. Don’t really see any frost though. Edit: as I head out this morning there is frost on the top of the car. The windshield and windows are just dew but the top and the roof rack have frost on them so I guess you could consider it a light frost this morning here.
  9. I agree with you 1-2’ would be a large event. 2-3’ is a big time event from me, and. 3’ plus event is epic for me. I think for the northtowns it may be slightly less with anything over 2’ being epic thus why the 20” storms in January seemed amazing especially with how frequent they were. To me I don’t think there’s been an epic event since Nov 2014. Would be awesome to see an epic one this year to keep us at our average of 5-6 years in the southtowns
  10. Again I think at all depends what you consider a “big time” event. If it’s 3’ plus theres no way it’s every 2-3 years unless your considering Coleen or Holland a Southtown. To me it’s more like every 5-6 years in the southern metro and southtowns and 10-12 years in the northern metro and north towns.
  11. You can watch the convection die frame by frame as well as the lightning count get cut almost in half each frame. Will be nothing more than glorified showers once they arrive here. Guess that should be expected with a less than 70 degree lake...
  12. TSW issued. Line has a nice bow to it. Let’s see how it holds together as it interacts with that SW wind...
  13. 85 out with a 74 degree depewpoint making it feel like mid 90s in October... wow. Highs may not even hit 50 by Friday. Pretty impressive swing.
  14. Yeah I Remember this one as I just bought my house in West Seneca and haven’t moved in yet. I was still living in Amherst and commuting to work in Hamburg and landed up getting stuck at work in Hamburg. Made it to the Tim Hortons at Southwestern and Abbott by the Stadium in OP but there were so many cars stuck and stranded I could not make it down as every major road was just clogged with stranded cars and traffic. I had my 4 wheel drive pickup truck and made it through the snow no problem but had to turn around and head back to work to spend the night cause there was no way I was making it back to Amherst. That was a pretty intense storm and especially with how short the duration was (if I remember correctly there was about 2 feet in 12 hours) and tons of thunder and lightning from what I remember. However, in my opinion I think this storm still falls just short of the big ones of 3’+.