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  1. Yes I’m thinking next week the Southtowns are gonna be buried! Think the flow may be too Westerly to make it to the city/north towns but it’s still super early. At least we have something to track and look forward to.
  2. Picked up additional 2.2” of snow since I cleared this morning bringing my storm total to 4.6” but only about 3-3.5” on the ground. Literally probably the heaviest snow I have ever seen except for maybe October 2006. As others have said if it was a few degrees colder we’d be talking a foot plus easy.
  3. Measured 2.4” here. 0.41” water equivalent so it’s some straight up concrete!
  4. Wow I was not expecting to see that when I woke up... where’s the lake effect???? Looks almost non existent and I have maybe 2 inches??? The NWS was right and we were all wrong. Guess that’s why they get paid the big bucks. Definitely will make me think again before criticizing them...
  5. Yeah snow coming down very nicely here and having no trouble sticking to the roads and it’s not even coming down all that heavy... don’t see where these thermal issues are coming in unless it warms up during the night. I’m at 32 degrees now and it was 17 here this morning so all surfaces are pretty cold which is why the snow is sticking to everything no problem...
  6. RGEM and BTV-WRF have bullseyes over the Southtowns... Not even a dang HWO for N Erie mentioning the chance at moderate accumulations, but yet there’s one for ski country??
  7. I just asked them this on their Twitter, we’ll see if they respond. Unless they’re seeing something we can see this map makes no sense. Heaviest QPF is metro and Southtowns...
  8. Half a dusting in West Seneca. Congrats to all those who cashed in!
  9. Rain/snow line showing up great and coincides with wunderground temps as you said. The line is also not moving much at all maybe ever so slightly the snow line is creeping towards Buffalo but it’ll be hours before it gets here. Precip has actually arrived here but all rain with a temp of 34 degrees.
  10. Yeah ice is accreting pretty rapidly out there. There’s a really solid glaze on everything and it’s coming down pretty good with the temp holding at 27 degrees.
  11. To me screw all this synoptic crap. Too much has to be perfect (and we just had one this month) for WNY to get a good synoptic storm due to our location relative to the coast and the Appalachian Mts... give me a cutter that goes right to Hudson Bay and gives us a persistent SW flow or let it be warm and sunny!!!
  12. Even the coarse resolution of the GFS shows over 25” , just showing that the pattern is perfect for a long duration lake effect event.