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  2. How much rain have your received over the past few days?
  3. 6th floor of how many floors? Sounds like a recipe for heat retention.
  4. Drive 25mi S.
  5. The apartment. House is currently for sale.
  6. Yeah, look at BOX radar. Just the prefect trajectory over the Canal and just N. My own little rain storm.
  7. This one gives a better indication of the foliage status in the area of the pond:
  8. http://forecast.weather.gov/product.php?site=NWS&issuedby=LCH&product=PSH&format=CI&pid=201709051836 POST TROPICAL CYCLONE REPORT...TROPICAL STORM HARVEY...UPDATED NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE LAKE CHARLES LA 1117 AM CDT THU SEP 21 2017 C. STORM TOTAL RAINFALL FROM 1200 UTC AUG 24 UNTIL 1200 UTC SEP 01 --------------------------------------------------------------------- CITY/TOWN COUNTY ID RAINFALL LAT LON (IN) DEG DECIMAL --------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.5 SW NEDERLAND JEFFERSON DD7-8920 64.58 29.95 -94.01 1.3 N GROVES JEFFERSON DD7-8906 63.14 29.96 -93.92
  9. ^ I hope 18-19 is good. lol
  10. Stayed closer but still at or just a bit warmer than the mean of the ensemble guidance for Tuesday and Wednesday given some uncertainty with Maria. NHC/WPC forecast guidance currently shows Maria remaining to our southeast and staying offshore through the middle of next week. A cold front is likely to help Steer Maria out to sea by the later part of next week. However, trends should be watched because a slower approach of this front could allow Maria to track closer to the coast. From my local AFD. I agree it's a situation to check back over the weekend, but it's not likely there is a scenario that would have Maria come up the east coast heading NNW instead of N and NNE. Fine with me stay out to sea. We've been enjoying a real nice stretch of weather here in SE PA.
  11. UHI is a huge pet peeve of mine. Not worth diverting the thread...but there is something wrong when humans can alter their environment so much that temperatures can vary by 15+ degrees in two similar locations with the same airmass. You most often see this in late season heatwaves (like now), or sunny late fall days (when temps drop like a rock in rural areas but stay up in urban areas due to residual warmth from the sunlight), or of course winter days with snow cover. Anyway...I was shocked at how warm it got at ORD yesterday. It was partly/mostly cloudy nearly all day, yet still hit 94...on September 21 no less. The only explanation I can think of is "left-over" UHI (warm start - low temp of 72), combined with mixing in the afternoon that resulted in lower dews around 60. Dry ground too? Winds never exceeded 10 mph...and you'd have thought that strong S/SW winds would be needed to create such warm temps. If the mixing occurs again today and skies remain mostly sunny as they are now...then, despite slightly lower temps aloft, you'd have to think ORD will hit 95 today. Time will tell.
  12. The southern route opens all the time...it's even opened in some years pre-2000...I guess the fact that some icebreaker decided to do it earlier than other crossings made it some big deal. The CAA this year definitely didn't melt back as much as a lot of recent years.
  13. I still don't like the guidance overnight on the trough though. The Euro has basically went away from a deep trough at all. This is a huge problem with the euro. It keeps doing this with so called big troughs and storms. Over amplification is a big issue in that 6 to 10 day frame. Shoot iv even seen it lift a trough out 4 days out.
  14. Considering it's good news, we won't hold it against you.
  15. Yeah, total. Rain has been more towards your area/RT 44 on south.
  16. Combined? If so, wow, quite a gradient.
  17. Just over half inch here. Not too much rain, but yesterday and today are quite windy.
  18. Legit raw, Fall feel today. Yard is a mess with leaves/small branches etc. U50s with a 30-40mph wind is nasty.
  19. Enough with the wind already A miserable 3 days of weather here, and today is probably the worst yet. Not holding out hope for tomorrow...hopefully Sunday we clear and torch.
  20. I will put it back in if we get any more heat I live on the 6th floor so it's doesn't get that hot in my apartment.
  21. Enjoy sweating.
  22. This is a kind of situation where you check back here and there over the weekend, just to see if anything has shifted significantly, instead of looking at each run of the major models. I wouldn't be investing much time in this, it's almost definitely an Ocean Storm.
  23. Possible record highs coming up...funny how 2007 also saw some good heat around this time given all the talk about that winter in the winter thread. Also 2010 had some heat around this time asthe Massena records show....both Nina years.
  24. I already did last week
  25. The percentage of hitting the U.S is very low but not impossible.
  26. In his defense...that is not how the media reported it. Big headlines & the words unprecedented used. I looked at the satellite data & thought "What the heck?", it's not open.
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