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Central PA Spring 2023

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My big gripe with the "double R" model thus far is the extreme delay between the initialization hour and when the model output is actually released.  Currently, the most recent run available is the 6z.  I mean, it's 1pm and I can only see out to 8 pm on the most recent run available.  Not great.  Otherwise, I think it's had a great look in how it's handling convection.  

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But seriously, I need some rib shack in my life. I can piss on Gio's BBQ just off the highway and every time I order from there, it's their cheese steak or stromboli.

The best stromboli I have ever had comes from a friggin rib shack. Take that, Eyetalians.

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Southern Delawere and Md are looking ripe again yet today. Yesterday they had surface cape of nearly 2000j/kg but nothing around to tap the energy. Today is a different story 1000-2000j/kg at the surface atm with a breaking cap.  The good news is the winds are not turning with height nearly as much as the other day. They do seam primed for downdrafts if I'm reading meso downdraft map correctly .



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