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July 2022 Observations


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Man we just keep chipping away at 7” for the month here. We keep getting rain but we either the dying remnants of a formerly severe storm or just the fringe of a storm or shower. Taken rain almost every day this week to get there but we’ve almost picked up the 1” we were missing to hit 7 for the month

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On 7/28/2022 at 9:42 PM, NorthHillsWx said:

Looks stormy but outer banks usually benefit from coastal fronts that stop inland convection from making it until very late in the day. Enjoy your stay, I will be in Nags Head for two weeks starting tomorrow 

Just saw this Thanks NHW,,,,I am in Corolla have fun enjoy

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IMBY this month: a wet total 11.98", which compares to ~7" normal. But that doesn't tell the whole story.

- July 1-11 had a whopping 10.65", at or near the wettest ever for that period/near 4 times the normal

- July 12-31: only 1.33" with none the past 10 days vs ~4.5" longtime average for July 12-31. So, I ended up <1/3 the normal for July 12-31.

 What a lopsided month! Another way to look at it: first third at 7.05", which is one of the wettest, if not, THE wettest for July 1-10. Last third (July 22-31) with no rain: tied for the driest. But the wet still easily wins for the month.

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Ended up with .76" today. Had a bad electrical storm just miss us today but it did kill power for about an hour. What a month for rainfall. 13.48" was my total. I believe that is a record for me outside of a tropical system.

End of month stats:

Highest temp: 96

Lowest temp: 66

Highest dew point: 81

Lowest dew point: 65

Rainfall: 13.48"

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So, GSO ended up with a robust 7.01” of rain in July, with an average temperate .6” above normal. The highest temperature was 94 degrees on July 24, the lowest was 61 on z July 11. There were two heatwaves, including a heatwave consisting of seven days at the beginning of the month. The highest low temperature was 74, the lowest high was 70.

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