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July Discobs 2022

George BM

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My numbers for the month of July 2022

Averaged high was 83.8 degrees vs a normal of 83.9 degrees, a -0.1 below normal, warmest temp was 89.5 degrees on the 24th. Averaged low was 63.3 degrees vs a normal of 62.8 degrees, a +0.5 degrees above average, the coolest temp recorded was 55.8 degrees on the 11th. Overall averaged temp was 73.6 degrees vs a normal of 73.4 degrees, a +0.2 above average. Total rainfall for the month was 3.90 inches vs a normal of 4.01 inches, a -0.11 inch below normal. Greatest rainfall was on the 27th with 1.31 inches falling.  There were 21 days with measurable, 2 days with a 'T' and 8 dry days. The highest wind recorded was 30 mph on the 6th. Overall a fairly average month. Records for the month was the 1.31 inches of rain on the 27th, setting a new daily rainfall record. The 71.2 degree high on the 11th set a new 'cool max'. The 30 year averages remind me of 'years past', as the highs keep falling but the lows keep rising. I can remember 99 and 100 degree days when I was a youngster, now a 94/95 is a 'hot' day and we didn't make 90 again this July. As opposed to the lows, which the 'reset' is the largest gain/change in lows of any month with a 1.3 degree gain from previous 30 year period. 62.8 vs 61.5. 

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