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Western PA/Pittsburgh Winter 2021/22 Discussion


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1 minute ago, Ahoff said:

Heavy snow in the south part of the City.  Very little sleet if any here at all. I think people need not worry if there is mixing as it seems brief with each pass.

Also with the low transferring, we should be breathing a bit easier now.  My untrained opinion, lol.

Yea, in Lawrenceille it lasted about 10 minutes. Back to almost heavy snow 

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Just now, MikeB_01 said:

Also, I cant believe i am talking about sleet when it is 23° on my PWS

Doesn’t matter if it’s 35 or 15, all snow is always the underdog when it comes to p-types in a Pittsburgh winter storm.

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Never had full sleet here.  There some in there now, I can hear it but definitely snow too.  Small flakes but pretty heavy.

Does the dry slot actually look that big?

Plus, we have all night with this as well and that was supposed to be the heaviest rates anyway from 9pm-6am.

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