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  1. We have our severe thunderstorm watch. Hope we don't lose power
  2. We know its a good event when even KPITSnow is happy about it
  3. Lots of sleet mixing in here still. Had only 2 inches of snow but radar showed .6 inches of liquid.
  4. The next heavy band just north of the border looks to be mostly sleet based on the CC. Then we get dry slotted. What a joke of a system
  5. My radar has around .5-.6 of total accumulation in liquid equivalent but only 2.5 or so inches of snow has fallen. That sleet is really hurting our rates.
  6. Unfortunately this year we just get remote days instead.
  7. Is it still all snow in Washington county towards the state border? Snow here near McMurray
  8. Measured a bit under 8 inches with snow still falling. Very nice overperformer here
  9. Just went out an measured around 5.5 inches of snow here on my porch. Nice way to start off winter.
  10. Stumbled across this thread, and I see a lot about improving a resume while in college. As a sophomore in high school, is there anything I could do now for a career in meteorology?
  11. I feel as if we may get the screw zone once more this thursday. Euro is giving us it, NAM is somewhat giving us it, and CMC is really giving us only rain. Only GFS is putting snow for us, and only towards the end of the event.
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