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E PA/NJ/DE Fall 2021 OBS Thread


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4 minutes ago, Hurricane Agnes said:

Depends on which way they face.  :lol:

I know the back of my house faces NE and I am guaranteed a good outside "window washing" from any nor'easter that comes my way.

This year I was hoping the first thing to hit those old storm windows was flakes !   Latest I recall taking the big ac out in a while.  I’m older now so only clean them once per year.  Fall works best so can open the blinds, let the sun hit that thermostat and save me some oil.  Summer it’s dark in here to keep the heat out.   It literally is the complete opposite of what we did growing up!

just a small boomer went thru   





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7 minutes ago, Birds~69 said:

Yeah, my 88 year old father does the same thing. You have to get into "sleeping shape" to track all the overnight blizzards we usually receive...

Light rain 59F....really don't see anything heavy in the general area.


I'm working on it, last week I "napped" at midnight and woke up at 6:18 - can't do that in winter or the snow would be wrapped up already


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