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Mesoscale Discussion 0260
   NWS Storm Prediction Center Norman OK
   0431 PM CDT Thu Mar 25 2021

   Areas affected...northern GA...eastern TN...far western NC...extreme
   upstate SC

   Concerning...Severe potential...Watch possible 

   Valid 252131Z - 252330Z

   Probability of Watch Issuance...60 percent

   SUMMARY...A risk for severe thunderstorms, including the threat for
   a couple of tornadoes, will likely develop over the next several
   hours across northern GA and eastern TN.  The risk will eventually
   spread east into parts of the far western Carolinas later this
   evening.  The timing of an eventual watch issuance is a bit

   DISCUSSION...Radar mosaic shows a broad rain shield across the
   southern Appalachians as of 2130 UTC.  A supercell over northwestern
   GA, on the southern flank of the rain shield, will continue to move
   east-northeast over northern GA the early evening hours.  The
   airmass across the southern Appalachians is currently
   rain-cooled/stable but a strong moisture flux/destabilization will
   likely occur during the evening hours.  The richer low-level
   moisture will likely reside across northern GA where lower 60s F
   dewpoints are currently observed/expected this evening.  In addition
   to hail/wind risks with a supercell threat gradually spreading
   northeastward into the area, a tornado or two is possible this
   evening/tonight.  For parts of southeast/eastern TN, the severe
   threat will likely depend on storm development from the
   west/southwest eventually moving into the region later this evening.
   The expected timing of the risk will likely be delayed but begin in
   a few hours.
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Mesoscale Discussion 0261
   NWS Storm Prediction Center Norman OK
   0445 PM CDT Thu Mar 25 2021

   Areas affected...central AL

   Concerning...Tornado Watch 50...

   Valid 252145Z - 252245Z

   The severe weather threat for Tornado Watch 50 continues.

   SUMMARY...A corridor for a long track intense to potentially violent
   tornado is expected to maximize through the next hour across central

   DISCUSSION...An intense tornadic supercell located over Hale County
   will likely remain unimpeded as it moves to the east-northeast
   across central AL during the next 1-2 hours.  The near-storm
   environment is currently primed across central AL with 0-1 km SRH at
   600 m2/s2 per observed storm motion according to the KBMX VAD. 
   Given the very moist/strongly sheared environment, expecting a
   long-track intense (EF3+) and potentially violent tornado to
   continue east-northeast and reach the I-65 corridor over the next
   hour or so.

   ..Smith.. 03/25/2021
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Checking in. First big line of storms is about to move through my area. Expecting the more dangerous round of isolated t-storms between 8 and 9pm.

Got sick of some of the posters on TennesseeWx being immature so I'm coming over here for the evening. 

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Got clouds moving in multiple directions here in Knox. High clouds from west to east and low clouds moving from south to north and even some coming from  southeast to northwest. I don't know what that means or if it means anything in regards to this system, but thought I would share this observation. Pretty odd looking up at the sky right now. Hope everyone stays safe! 

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