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2 minutes ago, tim123 said:

Think the artic front is up near Toronto. Western lake ontario should light up in a hour or 2

hopefully that one comes through I don’t think the current one will have enough steam by the time it reaches me lol.

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Wolfie must be getting nailed right now.  Winds look to go westerly before the arctic front comes through and pulls the lake band off the lake.

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5 minutes ago, wolfie09 said:

Nws actually decreased totals big time..

The tug from 12"-18 to 4"-6". 

Has this been one if the worst forecast winters in some time? Model noise up until the event, LR forecasting not even close to panning out (Nov and Dec were forecast to be AN) snowfall amounts being well under done or not enough (last 2 storms whiffed and were forecasted higher, November storm over performed). No confidence of any kind going into the calendar winter. 

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2 minutes ago, wolfie09 said:

Gfs has a about a 3 hr window of Westerly flow which is occurring now..

If the rgem is to be believed this will be in southern Oswego by lunch time..

TYX_loop (59).gif

Yep, looks like you’re in the middle of it until the arctic front pushes the band south.


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14 hours ago, cny rider said:

Thanks for bringing back fond memories of my teenage years!

Haha, I spent a few minutes thinking how I could word it to not have it sound that way... 

trip wasn’t bad, snow and snowy rds from Adams on up... glad I got out of there when I did snow seemed to expand quickly behind me 

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Third SWS since earlier this morning..


A band of lake effect snow producing snow fall rates of 2 to 3
inches per hour will continue east of Lake Ontario this morning. The
heaviest snow will be found from southern Jefferson, central and
southern Lewis, and northern Oswego counties.

The band will move a few miles to the north during the remainder of
the morning before moving south again early this afternoon.

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