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TN valley heavy rain/flooding week of whenever

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Hi guys

Just some updates on my little obsession with lake Cumberland....

the lake was 709 feet last Saturday it now is almost 725 ft..in fact it has risen 12 feet in the past 48 hours or so as inflows increased from the previous days rains and storms trained over it Sunday..in fact at one point for a few hours it was rising at 1/2 foot or more per hour

5-7 inches fell over the lake and parts of the northern basin with 3-4 inches over the southern basin

outflows were 10,400cfs , was up to 14,000cfs  this morning  

The link to the actually inflows posted here in 2019 is dead but I calculated back then a .01 change in lake level each hour is about 7000 cfs

The Lake rose .16 ft last hour so ( 16 * 7000) + (14K outflows) = so inflows are still an impressive 126,000 cfs or so

The most they can outflow without flooding properties downstream and sandbagging first is 29,000 Cfs

long story short the lake should hit 730 by this weekend which is about where it was in 2019 before the big rains

The mistake they made back then was not to use the full 29,000 cfs outflow but instead used 15-22K the weeks leading up to the big event

as a result they had to flow out 35,000 , then 45,000 the finally 60,000 at the last minute to prevent the Dam from overflowing

luckily that spring was pretty dry when lake levels were elevated  above 740 after the crest


The stars have to align just right but one of the stars is..a high lake level going into an La nina spring 

The good news no rain for at least the next 7 days

but I hope a dry forecast won't mean  that they don't utilize the full 29,000 cfs  outflow now

the difference between 22,000 and 29,000 outflow is .about .a 1/4 of a foot (.01 per hour)

over many days that can really add up and make a difference later as far as flood storage

edit: it does look like they do plan to increase ourflows to 22,000 tomorrow and 27,000 thursday






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National Weather Service Nashville TN
232 PM CDT Sun Mar 28 2021

...Measured Rainfall from Saturday, March 27 through Sunday March

Repeated rounds of very heavy rainfall caused widespread flooding
issues in many areas across Middle Tennessee from Saturday morning,
March 27th, through Sunday morning March 28th. Below are some of the
highest measured rainfall totals during that time period. Amounts
are in inches.

Location                  Amount       Source

Franklin                  8.65         CoCoRaHS
Clarkrange                8.41         CoCoRaHS
Brentwood                 8.16         CoCoRaHS
Elmwood                   7.80         CoCoRaHS
Fairview                  7.83         CoCoRaHS
Centerville               7.76         CoCoRaHS
Christiana                7.28         CoCoRaHS
Hermitage                 7.16         CoCoRaHS
Lebanon                   7.05         CoCoRaHS
Nashville Int Airport     7.01         ASOS
Murfreesboro              7.00         CoCoRaHS
Mount Juliet              6.88         CoCoRaHS
Rock Vale                 6.85         CoCoRaHS
Belle Meade               6.73         CoCoRaHS
Jamestown                 6.59         CoCoRaHS
Carthage                  6.32         OHX COOP
Cookeville                6.21         CoCoRaHS
Lobelville  6.20         OHX COOP
Spring Hill               5.98         CoCoRaHS
Woodbury                  5.88         CoCoRaHS
Monterey                  5.67         OHX COOP
Pickett State Park        5.60         OHX COOP
Cookeville                5.45         OHX COOP
Allardt                   5.39         OHX COOP
Smithville 2 SE           5.30         OHX COOP
Gallatin                  5.22         CoCoRaHS
Dickson                   5.26         CoCoRaHS
Livingston                5.12         CoCoRaHS
Byrdstown                 5.09         CoCoRaHS
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