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  1. That is an insane amount of snow lol
  2. No one please take this post the wrong way but I though there was a specific observation string or thread; I like reading the observations but when they are intermingled with posts regarding long range pattern stuff it just gets messy.
  3. True enough it will change thanks!
  4. What am I missing these seem to be modeled south of us. Are we expecting the NW jog?
  5. That is really really far to the South; I would have expected to see some extreme cold here with it that far South but it is not really
  6. And warms enough to rain at end of run, which two runs earlier, depicted a historic ice storm for west TN
  7. Been a long time since seen such a good winter pattern, hope everyone gets their snow fix this season!
  8. This is one mess of a system, been rainy here overnight and all morning sitting at 32 blah go away
  9. Perhaps depends what model you choose.
  10. The whole system seems disjointed
  11. I know if Middle TN gets it again, we will be well on the way to one of the snowiest seasons of the last several years, really reminds me of the winters of my childhood - 1970's
  12. I feel for you; I can say I have allot less experience than most on here but it just seems like this one vs the last one has a higher bust potential.
  13. Um that doesnt look like the forecast that Nashville is referencing, must be more of the "stuff" on the internet
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